Most books and papers have this part, the introduction. Usually, it’s a well-thought, short text meant to set the expectations about what will follow.

THIS is a cooking blog. I have no thought-out plan, it’s just a thing i’m starting in order to document my own cooking experiences. I LOVE COOKING and I LOVE FOOD!

I’ve recently come to terms with my passion for food although i’ve been playing around with it since I was .. hm, i was way young that’s for sure. The main purpose of my cooking blog is to brag about the foods i cook or bake, show off pretty pictures but most of all, I want extended feedback that will help me improve my style and evolve and whatever, become a better cook 🙂


I have no ideas for the layout, for the fonts or how i want this to look like, but i have decided: not another day shall pass without my recipes out there! so here goes. I’ve been taking pictures of my foodsies since august when we got a camera (especially for this). it’s a shame i’ve waited so long.

P.S. also, i really miss writing and i hope this fill the gap in my soul =)