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I’ve translated my blog using google translate last night. Needless to say, the result was hilarious. I can’t remember the last time i’ve laught so hard, which is why I decided to go with english on this one. It’s also because I’m curious if english will make any difference to my stiff “blogging skills.”

My mind was set on this for quite some time, after mentioning this to a friend as “some kinda traditional recipe” for where i’m from. It’s widely known as “csirkepaprikas,” “ciulama,” “ostropel,” tho there might be a difference between the latter and the others (tomato sauce).

My dad cooks this perfectly, and it probably should be his signature dish. It’s his palate that makes this particular dish taste so yum. That and tasty ingredients. (serves 4)

– 4 chicken legs

– 200 g mushrooms (buttons, about a bowl or so, optional)

– 2 garlic gloves

– 1 onion

– half a bell pepper

– 150 ml sour cream

– 25 g flour (1 tbs) +50 ml of milk

– parsley, salt, pepper, chilli flakes

– water +cornmeal for polenta (optional)


I’ve rubbed salt, pepper and some chilli flakes (big mistake cuz it started fumigating after a bit, i should’ve known better) on the chicken legs. Dripped some oil on them and cooked in a “screaming hot” pot till golden. In order to cook evenly, i’ve also slashed them up a bit.

Chopped the garlic, onions and some bell pepper slices as finely and evenly as possible. Threw ’em over the chicken legs and started on the mushrooms. Done with those and added them to the mixture. Turned the heat lower and let them simmer. If the mix is dry, water can be added, i think i added a bit too.

Once the mushrooms shrunk and got softish, I added the sour cream  then the milk+flour mix. Stirred everything up and seasoned to taste (added some herbs and dry veggie mix, salt+pepper).

This goes well with polenta but various mashed stuff are also acceptable.

To conclude, I think this needs a lot of practice too, it’s not just romanian that i felt was rusty. I keep telling myself i need more practice. if only being retarded were acceptable lol, like this.

Also, no angle is flattering enough for the paprikash!