WARNING! rant-filled post ahead.

it’s been a while since i’ve suffered from insomnia. coffee gives me this agitated state of mind that can’t be put to rest, it needs to run through my blood stream at its own pace, turn me into an even quirkier spinning top that i usually am. So i baked. i ran into this thing, a classical american bar recipe, biscuit base+walnut&caramel topping. Nothing more fattening and comforting than this.

i’ve halved the quantities as i didn’t have enough butter and walnuts for a larger pan, and i kinda wanted to try out the new ikea loaf pan so yeah. now that i’ve used it, i think it’s a nice alternative to baking smaller quantities more often, as i’d get to taste stuff without throwing food away or becoming a small baby whale.


for le biscuit

– 113 g butter

– 66 g brown sugar

– 166 g flour

– pinch of salt

– pinch of baking powder

for le topping

– 40 ml heavy cream (recipe asked for butter)

– 100 g sugar (i used cane sugar)

– 60 ml honey

– 200 g walnuts (chopped and i also roasted mine)

Preparation gdamn keyboard

1. oven needs to be heated at 180 degrees C.

2. Butter+ sugar+ flour+ pinch of salt +baking powder = soft dough

3. Dough neeeds to be spread evenly in a parchment paper lined tin and baked for 20 minutes.

4. heavy cream+honey+sugar =simmer for 1 minute before adding the roasted walnuts.

5. Set aside if necessary till the crust is golden brown on the edges and then spread the walnut mixture on top and bake for another 20 minutes. i’ve used an extra pan to prevent the biscuit from burning, this previously happened to me.

i now need to wait for it to cool before slicing and decorating and snapping some pictures, should wait for tomorrow.

it would’ve been more useful if i had some courses to read, it’s likely those can end this stupid sleepless phase.

also, my kitchen wall is filled with post-its of recipes. i quite like it.

ok, s-o racit suficient cat sa tai din ea niste bucatele si sa fac poza. am facut si eu un turnulet de ala si abia acuma am realizat ca de fapt si tipa de la care m-am inspirat tot turnulet o facut. noh, maine poate o sa ma gandesc la altceva. prajitura are gust bun, nu chiar cum ma asteptam, dar  bun. vreau sa mai incerc cu alte nuci si eventual cu unt si fara caramel din lapte condensat.