Of, that sounds .. weird. dorky ‘celebration’. what else am i to say. I desperately wanted Dobosh (which sucks to make, but at least it’s delish). And then it’s one month tomorrow since Diablo 3 was launched. I actually thought it was today, cuz i thought today was the 15th and when i realized i was wrong, i just didn’t want to cancel. I’m not that good with decorations, in fact, I think I hate those flowery ones, with roses and stuff. Those well made seem really posh, while the sloppy ones seem cheap and unhealthy, at least to me.

Anyway, I thought this would be a nice addition to my list, a decent challenge, representative and definitely really fun to make ūüėÄ

First I did soem research, there have been a few ppl who thought about this ahead of me and have some pics posted on the innernetz. So it’s not at all original. However, I hope my ‘interpretation’ will not be considered more than fan-art ūüėÄ and ¬†so far doesn’t resemble any other picture/decoration i’ve seen (thank you trembly fingers).

Dobosh = traditional hungarian layered cake. It’s one of the cakes I really liked as a child but never quite got to enjoy it much, mother wasn’t a fan. Mine turned out a bit different from the store-bought one. Less sweet and buttery-tasting and moist.

I made the layers last night and I adapted the recipe found here (really useful step-by-step instructions on how to make this). I wanted a smaller cake, enough to feed my greed and craving.

I got four layers. There should’ve been three but I managed to fk up the first two layers by¬†under cooking¬†them. So i started all over, and ended up with 1 from the first batch and 3 from the second one.

Instructions said baking time is 5-7 minutes at 200 degrees C. Once 7 minutes were over, scared i’ll screw these temperamental things up since i’ve never baked naything similar, i took them out. by the time i realized they were still sticking to the parchment paper it was too late so i scrapped and ate them! The third one i baked till it turned yellowish/brownish on the edges and it was fine, it slipped right off the paper and didn’t stick AT ALL. YAY

Good, so i baked another three layers, i think i would’ve gone rabid if i had to bake more. and then after they cooled, i decided to make the butter cream. that was easy. everything else i managed to work today, in under half an hour, pictures included. Speaking of which, i’m not that happy with the results, but i don’t have much space or props to snap better pics. I tried. I’ve read some people take up to 5 hours with a ‘food¬†photo shoot’ but ¬†i also have to work @_@.


Ingredients (cake batter)

– 4 eggs

– 100 g powdered sugar

– 100 g flour

– salt + 1 tbs lemon juice

– vanilla extract

Butter cream

– 200 g butter

– 72 g chocolate

– 25 g cocoa (i had lighter one)

– 60 g sugar

– instant coffee powder!


– 75 ml cream

– 150 g chocolate (mixed milk with dark choco)


– yellow/red sugar

– yellow and red decorating crayons from Dr. Oetker

– chocolate

Hope i haven’t missed out anything.

What else i’ve used.. paper &pen for sketching, i tried to draw by hand first. i dyed my own sugar by using a spoonful of sugar and a tiny drop of food colouring in a zip-lock bag and shagged that thing till the colour evened out. Now, if that doesn’t happen, and the the sugar is too dry, add a drop of water. See more here.

I made too much of it, storing it in zip lock bags till i’ll figure out some ‘creative’ way to use ’em.


for the batter:

1. heat the oven, set to 200 degrees C, line the cake pans with parchment paper and grease both parchment paper and pan

2. weigh the ingredients

3. separate the eggs

4. Mix the egg yolks and half the sugar with vanilla extract. i mixed for about 10 minutes on medium-high speed, should become light yellow and fluffy, flow like a ribbon (unlike mine) .

5. Mix egg whites with drop of lemon and pinch of salt before whipping. Salt helps break up the protein, acid in lemon juice helps stabilize the meringue, and prevent overbeating. Mix on medium-high speed till it  becomes foamy and then add the rest of the powdered sugar increasing the speed a tad. Constant medium speed will result into a more stable meringue. However, i like to whip them on high speed for about a minute right before the end.

6. Fold the egg whites over the egg yolks slowly in order to avoid deflation. Add the flour and mix gently a bit till there’s no more traces of egg whites or flour.

7. Spread the dough evenly on your cake pans (i used two, and left some batter in the bowl for the next layer.) Bake for 7-8 minutes till they no longer stick to your fingers and the edges become slightly yellowish.

8. Remove from pan and leave to cool for a bit then slide a knife underneath and remove from parchment paper, let cool on new parchment paper on a rack or smth.

Repeat as many times as batter ūüėÄ

for the butter cream

1. Melt on bain marie (can be melt in the microwave), once done, set aside

2. Mix the butter till light and fluffy

3. Add cocoa, sugar and keep mixing, add melted chocolate (which should be a lot cooler, but not solid) and mix till well incorporated.


divide the butter cream equally and spread it over the cake layers. Press each down a bit. let cool. The end.

Chocolate frosting

Melt chocolate and cream over low heat, mix well, spread over cooled cake, quickly, even over the cake smoothly, avoid making strikes and scratches if possible.


Can be decorated in various ways. I just made this. I started with a layout, scratched the contours in the chocolate before i added the sugar glaze and coloured sugar.