I de-podded peas all afternoon yesterday, mother’s own harvest. The “cherries on top” is just my frustration surfacing. De-podding takes patience, I am not a patient one when it comes to doing these kinda tasks. Anyway, after being done with all that de-podding, i fixed a nice creamy s0up today.


– 300 g green peas

– 2 carrots

– 1 yello pepper

– slice of celery

– 1 parsley root

– 1 onion

– 1 green onion

– 100 g smoked ham (optional)

– 1 l stock (i used hamhock stock)

– green parsley

– 150 ml sour cream

– 2 spoonfuls of flour

– salt, pepper, chilli flakes (other hebies, i didn’t add anything else)


Steamed the peas for 10 minutes using my strain over a pot of boiling water while the hamhock roasted/boiled in the oven *The hamhock boiled for about 2 h prior to the soup* Peas i’ve steamed for about 10 minutes, they were still quite crispy when i took ’em off the steam. I needed them under-done cuz they would need to boil a tad later in the soup.

Sliced the ham, onions and pepper and pan-fried them in a bit of oil while i grated the carrots, celery and parsley root.

Once the onion was transparent, i’ve added the above mix of vegs +1 cup of stock, left to simmer.

Tasted after 10 minutes to check for doneness and added the peas and bits of meat from the bone. Added rest of the stock and brought to a boil. They boiled for about 10 minutes while i prepared the creaming agent, i mean flour +sour cream+water.

I mixed the flour with a bit of water then added the sour cream and mixed well. Once no lumps were in sight, i poured the mixture over the soup and gave it a good stir. Left it boiling just a bit and took off the heat, added chopped parsley and green onions.

Ate mine with toast. Nom

no step by step pics, was in a rush, hungry and working.