Ironically*, I never had an apron to call my own till now (it actually has my nickname on it lol). I got this from dru, she already knows how I feel about it so I’m not gonna drag on with OMG THE CUTENESS OF THIS IS UNBEARABLE. So in case you want one for yourself, let her know, she’ll be delighted to help out 😀

On a practical note, this is way too cute to be of any real use in the kitchen, so meh.

On a personal note, dru, your apron makes me look way skinny -.- GG but thanks

*just a tad, cuz i cook a lot since forever and cooking ppl use aprons so they don’t spill stuff on themselves and i spill stuff on myself all the time, moreover, i’m clumsy and should be wearing an apron even when i’m not cooking