Recipe adapted from Oh nuts blog, been meaning to pick something up from there for a while now. love the blog  @_@. I’ve never had anything called “rocky road” before, so it would’ve been wrong to call these “rocky road squares” or smth, they don’t mean anything here, anyway. recipe is easy, doesn’t require much time or many utensils. I’m really pleased with the results, the textures and taste (tho a tad too sweet) are amazing.


– 200 g milk chocolate (i used milka, any will do, but using good quality chocolate means tastier results)

– 35 g roasted almonds, coarsely chopped

– about 40 g of plain marshmallow

-about 40 g of strawberry flavoured marshmallows  (pink ones)


1. melt the chocolate on bain marie, 3-4 minutes, no more, and mix well, the chocolate should be melted and warm, but not too hot. keep it off the heat while you chop the other ingrediens

2. chop all marshmallows/nuts as evenly as possible

3. roast the almonds if not already roasted4. pour all marshmallows and almonds over the melted chocolate and then spread on  parchment paper, let it set in teh fridge for a few hours

5. take out of the fridge, slice it nicely and snap pictures, these things love the camera 😀