… is it just me or this title sounds wrong. I’ve been experiencing a state of mild confusion caused by painkillers, great time to post something, aye.

This is an easy one, barely worth posting, but I haven’t done much cooking lately.


– large bowl of boiled/steamed brown rice (works just as well with either type of rice)

– 2 eggs

– bit of sesame oil

– 2 scallions

– half a bell pepper

– soy sauce

– salt and pepper


I boiled my rice the night before as seen here. I’ve let my rice soak for about 3-4 hours ( cuz i fell asleep and then woke up and boiled it).

1. heat the oil in a wok or non stick pan

2. chop the pepper and white scallion part and fry for 2 minutes

3. add the rice and fry all over for a few minutes (3-4) stirring constantly, season it with whatever you feel like (i used pepper, salt and chilli flakes) and add soy sauce

4. in the meantime, slice the green part of the scallions finely and beat the eggs

5.  push the rice to one side of the pan and slowly pour the egg into the other side and leave for about 10 seconds so it begins to set then start mixing the rice in it, tossing it around, coating as much rice as possible

6. keep cooking for another 3-4 minutes, carefully, don’t let the egg stick to the pan and burn, it tastes crappy

7. add scallions and serve warm 😀