Wanted to bake something special for my friend’s birthday this weekend, and i had a recipe in mind from evan’s kitchen ramblings. Her recipe asked for strawberries, but i used raspberries, hence the title. I am quite embarrassed to share the original link because my cake looks nothing like her cake, and in my mind i was really hoping for something more elegant. After failing with my initial plan, i just spilled some fruits all over and managed to make it look like cheesecake. which is what i wanted to avoid in the first place.

Almond sponge cake soaked in raspberry syrup and white chocolate, vanilla mousse topping. Not that difficult to make, but mine isn’t very fancy-looking either *sigh*

My other issue wiht this was taht i used different quanities because i had a different pan, and i think that’s my main mistake. I could’ve done with the quantities in the original recipe, and my cake would have turned out tinier. Also less fat, cuz i used lotsa cream and white chocoalte and that made it taste pretty airy and creamy but fatty too.

These tiny complains being said, the cake was well received, and the taste was good.


for the base:

2 eggs

42 g powdered sugar

50 g ground almonds (i think this would’ve worked good with hazelnuts or walnuts @_@ must try)

82 g egg whites

40 g caster sugar

36 g cake flour

for the macerated raspberries :

60 ml water

60 g sugar

1/2 vanilla bean pod

1 star anise

100 g raspberries

 for the white chocolate vanilla mousse:

60g egg yolk

1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped

400 ml whipping cream

150g white chocolate, melted

7g gelatin

for the soaking syrup :

50 ml leftover syrup from macerated raspberries

70 g raspberry Jelly

20 ml Vanilla extract

for the raspberry jelly

100 g raspberries

50 g sugar

1 tbsp lemon juice


As per the original recipe’s instructions, i made the macerated raspberries first.

1. Sugar+water+vanilla pod+ 1 star anise boiled over low heat till the syrup started thickening a bit, left to cool.

2. carefully washed the raspberries and poured them over the syrup once it got cool, left them in the fridge for a few hours

Then i made the sponge cake:

1. Almond meal+powdered sugar+eggs whisked together till they change colour. (i grounded the almonds with powdered sugar in a grinder)

2. Mixed the egg whites +sugar till stiff peaks formed, folded in the egg mixture and added the cake flour.

3. Lined a round pan with parchment paper, poured the bater in and baked in a preheated oven at 230 degrees C for 10-15 minutes, till it turned slightly golden.

While this was baking, i started with the white chocolate vanilla mousse.

1. heated 100 ml cream till it started boiling

2. egg yolks+vanilla seeds mixed together in the meantime

3. slowly poured the warm cream over the egg yolks and whisked till they changed colour

4. soaked the gelatin in cold water’

5. melted the chocolate+100 ml cream over double boiler, poured over the egg yolk mixture, added gelatin and left to cool in the fridge. (think this should be the second step because it needs time to cool)

6. Whipped the rest of the cream (200 ml) and let it sit in the fridge till ready to fold in the white chocolate mixture. (Next time i’ll make this, i’ll  be using less cream)

For the raspberry jelly, i boiled 100 g raspberries with 50 sugar and some lemon juice, strained it and let it sit in the fridge till ready to use.

7. Once the white chocolate cream mixture cooled, i mixed it for about 7-8 minutes with my mixer till it became light and creamy, then i folded in the whipped cream.


Drained the macerated raspberries and reserved the syrup, mixed with raspberry jelly and soaked the sponge cake with it. Spread the macerated raspberries over the sponge cake and spooned half the mouse over it and evened it out. Then i poured thin stripes of raspberry jelly over the mousse and spooned the other half over. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before devouring.

You can decorate as you please, i just threw some blueberries and raspberries over it and that was it.


pentru blat:

2 oua

42 g de zahăr pudră

50 g migdale macinate

82 g de albusuri

40g de zahăr tos

36 g făină

pentru zmeura macerata:

60 ml de apă

60 g de zahăr

1/2 pastaie de vanilie

1 stea de anason

100 g zmeura

pentru spuma de ciocolată albă si vanilie:

60g gălbenuş de ou

semintele de la 1 pastaie de vanilie

400 ml frişcă

150g ciocolată albă, topită

7 g gelatină

pentru insiropat:

50 ml sirop de la zmeura macerata

70 g jeleu de zmeură

Extract de vanilie 20 ml

pentru jeleul de zmeura

100 g zmeura

50 g de zahăr

1 lingura suc de lamaie


La fel ca  pe instrucţiunile din reteta originala, am inceput cu zmeura macerata.

1. Apa + zahar + 1/2 pastaie de vanilie si 1 stea anason= le-am pus pe foc si le-am lasat sa fiarba la foc mic pana siropul a inceput sa se îngroaşă un pic, apoi l-am lasat la racit.

2. Am spălată cu atenţie zmeura am turnat-o peste siropul racit si am lasat-o in fridiger sa se imbibe cu aroma pentru câteva ore

Apoi, am facut blatul:

1. Făină de migdale + zaharul pudra le-am amestecat si turnat peste ouă  apoi le-am amestecat pana cand isi schimba culoarea. (eu mi-am facut singura migdalele macinate in rasnita, am pus si putin zahar pudra ca sa nu se faca pasta)

2. Am bautut albusurile cu zahar tos pana cand sta bat, si le-am amestecat cu ouale apoi am adaugat si faina.

3. am turnat aluatul in tava rotunda tapetata cu hartie si am copt blatul 10-15 minute la 230 grade C (cuptor preincalzit)

In timp ce blatul era in cuptor, m-am apucat de spuma de ciocolata alba cu vanilie.

1.am încălzit 100 ml frişcă lichida până a început sa fiarba

2. am amestecat galbenusurile de ou cu seminţele de vanilie

3. am turnat incet frisca incalzita peste galbenusuri si am amestecat pana si-au schimbat culoarea

4. am înmuiat gelatina în apă rece

5. am topit ciocolata cu 100 ml frisca pe abur apoi am turnat-o peste amestecul de galbenus de ou, am adaugat si gelatina şi le-am lăsat să se răcească în frigider. (cred ca acest pas  ar trebui sa fie al doilea pentru că are nevoie de timp să se răcească)

6. Restul de frisca (200 ml) se bate si se lasa sa stea în frigider până cand va fi gata amestecul de ciocolata alba  (as recomanda folosirea unei cantitati mai mici de frisca ca sa nu fie chiar atat de grasa)

Pentru jeleul de zmeura, am fiert 100 g de zmeura cu suc de lamaie si 50 g zahar apoi am strecurat samburii si  lam lasat să stea în frigider până este gata de utilizare.

7. După ce amestecul de crema de ciocolata alba s-a racit, l-am amestecat cu mixerul pentru aproximativ 7-8 minute,  pana devine cremos si consistent apoi am adaugat si frisca batuta.


Am scurs zmeura macerata şi am pastrat siropul pe care l-am amestecate cu jeleu de zmeura si am insiropat blatul cu el.

Am imprastiat zmeura macerata peste blat apoi am pus jumatate din spuma de ciocolata alba. Apoi am turnat dungi subţiri de jeleu de zmeură şi am intins frumos restul de crema. Se lasa la frigider pentru câteva ore înainte de devorare.

Pentru decor, am intrat in panica si am imprastiat doar niste zmeura si afine peste. Initial vroiam sa fac o zmeura mare din zmeura mica din care sa se rupa bucati de zmeura de diferite dimensiuni.