This is the perfect recipe for my comeback. It’s good to feel excited about posting something again.

I don’t see a point in explaining my absence so i’ll jump straight to the recipe, which is by far one of the easiest, most fulfilling sweets i’ve baked in a long time. I’ve picked it up from here. My only change was omitting the Chinese 5 spice, i don’t have any.

Ok, i feel like i haven’t been convincing enough. I think anyone with a blueberry preference NEEDS to try this at least once. it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare,  30 minutes to bake, and less than 10 minutes to EAT! this is the second time i’ve baked it. First time i used a mix of berries (rasp- black- and blue-berries) and this time with blueberries only. I like it more this time because i used MORE blueberries and the blueberry layer turned out rich and moist and jam/puddingy like. A piece of this is like a thin layer of biscuit covered with thick sauce topped with crispy crumbles. It melts in your mouth and leaves you craving more. I rarely compliment something i make, mostly because i always have something i want to improve. however, this thing is delish. do try and let me know how it turned out.


-187 g flour

-100 g powdered sugar (less or none can be used if you can’t have any sugar)

-113 g frozen butter (shredded, cuz mine was frozen)

-1 egg yolk

-1 tbsp cold water

– 1 tbsp baking powder and 1 tbsp salt

– 250 g blueberries (or enough to cover the whole pan surface)


preheat oven to 190 degrees C.

1. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together

2. Add shredded butter and mix with either a fork or a pastry cutter, don’t use hands) and mix till the mixture becomes crumbly.

3. Add egg yolk and mix together, drip the water all over the crumbs and mix well.

Dough should be crumbly and stick together when pressed together (see Chef John’s video for more details)

4. Line a square pan with parchment paper and divide the dough in two, 70/30%

5. Spread the 70% in the pan and even it out by shaking the pan then start pressing it with a spoon.

6. Spread the blueberries all over the dough making sure it’s just one even layer. I used lots of blueberries, mine touched each other, and i’m not sorry at all, i like it blueberricious like that.

7. Pour the rest 30% of the dough all over, like crumbs.

8. Bake for 25-30 minutes, edges should be brown while the surface of the cake should appear to be crispy.

wait till it cools off, slice it and dig in.


-187 G făină

-100 G  zahăr pudra (sau mai puţin or deloc daca nu aveti voie zahar, merge si fara)

-113 G de unt rece (al meu o fost congelat si l-am razuit)

-1 Gălbenuş de ou

-1 Lingura de apa rece

– 1 lingura praf de copt si 1 lingura de sare

– 250 g afine (sau suficiente pentru a acoperi suprafata tavii)


Incalziti cuptorul la 190 grade C.

1. Se amestecă făina, zahăr, praf de copt şi sarea împreună

2. Se adauga untul si se amesteca cu o furculita sau cu un tel (nu folosi mâinile) şi se amestecă până amestecul devine sfărâmicios.

3. Se adauga gălbenuşul de ou şi se amestecă împreună, apoi apa si se amesteca bine. Aluatul trebuie să fie sfaramicios dar sa se lipeasca daca il strangeti in pumn.

4. Tapetati tava cu hartie si împărţi aluatul în două, 70/30%

5. Imprastiati 70% în tava şi uniformizati nivelul scuturand tava, apoi începeţi să il apasati cu o lingura.

6. Imprastiati afinele peste tot aluatul asigurându-vă că e doar un strat. Eu am folosit o mulţime de afine, sa fiu sigura ca nu iese seaca prajitura.

7. Restul de 30% din aluat se toarnă peste afine ca niste firimituri.

8. Coaceţi timp de 25-30 de minute, pana ce marginile se maronesc iar partea superioara pare crocanta.