home sweet home

… ahem, I just finished “decorating” my first fondant cake. Firsts are such a thrill ^_^

I had no idea, yet again, how long it would take to finish up all the details which is why it looks like it’s missing something :)) specially those snowflakes i meant to draw on the sides, and the base ribbon and i just noticed mister penguin’s scarf is broken. Anyway, I am very happy with the fondant recipe i used, see details here. thanks andie!

What i plan on doing differently next time is make the gdamn figurines ahead, fondant dries up quickly. Also, will use surgical gloves, my hands look like htey’ve been at war.

penguin cake mix

The cake is a simple sponge cake with toasted walnuts, almonds and some peanuts filled with vanilla cream and a dash of caramel sauce.  What do you wish ppl who just moved into a new home? 😀 Happy home-ing!

penguins closeup2