i always thought my 100th post would be something special and i kept postponing it so i’d have something more “festive” to share =) but well, i don’t. i’ll just post all the stuff i never had a good enough reason to post or just didn’t like the pictures much. Don’t like them any more now, but i won’t apologize for it. This is filled with pictures, including a photo “tutorial” of how to make chocolate macarons, plus recipe.

le macaronIngredients

– 120 g egg whites

– pinch salt+few drops of lemon juice

– 200 g granulated sugar

– 130 g powdered sugar

– 100 g almond flour

macaron processNow, some of the macarons in the above collage are actually under-cooked, notice the darkened top.

Moving on, in chronological order: some easy sammiches

breakfastsand my first cookies for unknown public!

chocolate chip candied orange peel ginger cookies

…. from dru’s bday


My take on meat

roast meat

and more easy dishes, ingredients and directions can be deduced from teh pics… i think

mushroom pizza

blueberry cheesecake


tortilla sammich



birthday present

YEHZ, something i really wanted for a while, and i couldn’t be more grateful and proud. I use it every day ^_^

raspberry pistachio birthday cake

Pancakes for lazy peopleas in.. blend all the ingredients and then start making the pancakes or crepes, whichever you wish.

mini chocolate tarts

cookiesMay i post another 100 in half the time ^_^