Please don’t go googling for “douceur chocolat” because my cake will look pretty embarrassing :p

i got some of the calculations wrong when i put the recipe together and also used the wrong tools, ran out of the round disks, so i used a square paper plate and the cake took the shape of the plate, when i took the cake off the plate, it collapsed slightly :)) anyway, imma gonna move on to the recipe.

I couldn’t find a recipe online, i didn’t search properly, i’m sure. But i was able to improvize on the layers. I have no idea how the elements in the original cake were made, but here’s what i did.

1. base layer is a cocoa genoise

2. second layer is a hazelnut meringue (hazelnut dacquoise)

3. the filling that binded the two was a roasted hazelnut milk chocolate ganache, whipped.

4. on top of the dacquoise i smeared a mix of crispy hazelnut praline, feuilletine, caramelized sugar and milk chocolate ganache.

5. fifth layer was a dark chocolate mousse (that was actually a chocolate bavarian)

6. tempered dark chocolate +mousse and chocolate bits (this could’ve been done a lot better if i had enough time)

The issue with my time is i also have a full time job in need of my attention and thus, i’m almost always rushing everything because i have real work to do :))

cake layers


1. Cocoa genoise

– 2 eggs

– 50 g sugar

– 30 g flour

– 5 g high quality cocoa (20-21%fat)

– 10 g cornstarch


1. eggs+sugar set on bain marie (over a pot of simmering water) till the sugar disolves and egg mixture feels hot if you dip your pinkie in it. be careful not to scramble them.

2. whip till it holds a ribbon

3. sift the dry ingredients over the egg mixture (sifting helps incorporate a bit more air too). careful not to deflate the egg mixture.

4. pour the batter into a cake tin (i used a 24 cm one) and bake at 160 degrees C till the cake springs back into shape when pressed lightly on the top.

Let it rest at room temperature

2. Hazelnut Dacquoise

– 90 g egg whites (roughly 3 egg whites)

– 50 g granulated sugar

– 40 g powdered sugar

– 80 g roast and powdered hazelnuts

– 10 g cornstarch

1. egg whites +pinch of salt +few drops of lemon juice whipped till soft peaks

2. gradually add granulated sugar and whip till stiff peaks

3. blend the powdered sugar+hazlenuts+cornstarch in a food processor

4. fold the nut mix into the meringue and pipe on a baking tray lined wiht parchment paper,  bake at 100 degrees C for 1 h (or till it dries out)

3. Milk chocolate ganache

– 200 g milk chocolate

– 150 g heavy cream (35% fat)

– 50 g roasted hazlenuts, roughly chopped

Bring the heavy cream to a simmer, pour over chopped chocolate, let rest a bit, then mix well till it turns into a silky smooth cream, add hazelnuts, let it chill down (you don’t want this to split whne you whip it)

4. Feuilletine

– 35 g butter

– 35 g egg white

-35 g flour

– 35 g powdered sugar

Mix all together in a bowl till you get a smooth batter, spread it on the back of a baking pan lined with parchment paper (2 mm thick) and bake at 200 degrees C for 8-10 minutes till it turns a light shade of brown

Peel off the paper and let it cool (it’s going to turn really crispy when cold)

Mix the feuilletine and praline into the chocolate ganache.

5. dark chocolate mousse

– 130 ml heavy cream

– 3 egg yolks

– 20 g sugar

– 1 tonka bean

– 150 g dark chocolate

– 4 g gelatin

– 250-280 g whipped cream (i can’t recall exactly how much i’ve used :-s)

1. bring the heavy cream up to a boil, grate the tonka bean, let it steep for 10 minutes, bring it back to a simmer

2. mix the yolks with the sugar

3. soak the gelatin sheets in cold water

4. pour the cream over the yolk mixture to temper it a bit then set it back on the stove till it thickens up (stir constantly in an “S” shape to make sure the bottom doesn’t scald or the eggs curdle, keep stirring until the mixture thickens enough to fully coat the back of your spoon and is as smooth as silk,  it should reach a temperature of 68-72 degrees C ) remove from the heat and add the gelatin, mix well to disolve

5. pour the egg yolk mixture over the chocolate and mix well to obtain a sort of ganache, let it cool

6. whip the cream

7. when the chocolate/egg yolk mixture is cool enough, fold the whipped cream into it. the temperature needs to be right though, if the temperature on the chocolate is too high, your mousse will split, if the temperature is too low, the gelatin in the chcolate will set too quickly from the cold cream (it needs to be cold for whipping) and you’ll get weird chocolate clumps in your mousse.

8. let the mousse set in the fridge

For the tempered chocolate i used 100-150 g dark chocolate

Melted 3 thirds of it over a pot of simmering water, measured the temperature with a candy thermometer to 46 degrees C then remove it from the heat, add the rest of the chocolate and stirr constantly till it reaches 32 degrees C, remove what remains of the solid chunk of chocolate and spread the chocolate on a plastic sheet (not sure parchment paper will work the same).

I used a 20 cm cake ring to cut the chocolate into a round shape.


genoise at the base, i used a sugar syrup to brush over it, piped the chocolate ganache over it, topped it with the meringue, smeared the crispy chocolate praline over it, then i piped the chocolate mousse and topped it with the chocolate disk.

job done!

chocolate cake slice