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i always thought my 100th post would be something special and i kept postponing it so i’d have something more “festive” to share =) but well, i don’t. i’ll just post all the stuff i never had a good enough reason to post or just didn’t like the pictures much. Don’t like them any more now, but i won’t apologize for it. This is filled with pictures, including a photo “tutorial” of how to make chocolate macarons, plus recipe.

le macaronIngredients

– 120 g egg whites

– pinch salt+few drops of lemon juice

– 200 g granulated sugar

– 130 g powdered sugar

– 100 g almond flour

macaron processNow, some of the macarons in the above collage are actually under-cooked, notice the darkened top.

Moving on, in chronological order: some easy sammiches

breakfastsand my first cookies for unknown public!

chocolate chip candied orange peel ginger cookies

…. from dru’s bday


My take on meat

roast meat

and more easy dishes, ingredients and directions can be deduced from teh pics… i think

mushroom pizza

blueberry cheesecake


tortilla sammich



birthday present

YEHZ, something i really wanted for a while, and i couldn’t be more grateful and proud. I use it every day ^_^

raspberry pistachio birthday cake

Pancakes for lazy peopleas in.. blend all the ingredients and then start making the pancakes or crepes, whichever you wish.

mini chocolate tarts

cookiesMay i post another 100 in half the time ^_^


What i’ve learned from my lasagna-making process is that if you’re going to use lasagna noodles and some sauces, your dish will be called lasagna. The better the ingredients, the better the final dish will turn out to be.

Simple math, just like foodwishes chef says, I made this one by combining 4 parts bolognese sauce, 3 parts lasagna noodles (pre-boiled), 2 parts bechamel sauce and mozzarella.

For the bolognese sauce i used a mix of minced meats, pork and beef, oni0ns, garlic, carrots, celery root, tomatoes, tomato juice, basil, white wine, salt and pepper. All boiled for a few hours. I made it the before and saved it in the fridge after using some of it for dinner.

For the bechamel sauce i combined 40g butter and a tiny onion finely sliced, fried a bit, added 40 g flour, fried some more then poured 400 ml cold milk and added a spoonful of mascarpone cheese, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.

I boiled the lasagna noodles for about 7-8 minutes till tender.

Once i had everything on the table, i chopped some mozzarella cheese, fresh to spread over my sauces in between layers.

See video here. i’m SO lazy, i’m sorry.

Basically it’s meat, noodle, white sauce, meat, noodle, white sauce, meat, noodle, meat, mozzarella.

Ah yes, mine was kinda messy-looking and the pictures don’t help much. In spite of that, i very much enjoyed the taste and textures.

Am facut lasagna prin combinarea 4 părți sos bolognese, 3 parti taitei de lasagna, 2 parti sos bechamel si mozzarella.

Pentru sos Bolognese am folosit un amestec de carne tocată (de porc și de vită) ceapa, usturoi, morcovi, rădăcină de țelină, roșii, suc de roșii, busuioc, vin alb, sare și piper. Toate fierte timp de câteva ore (cat mai multe, se mai poate adauga apa, carnea tre sa devina frageda, 4 h) Bine, se paote si mai putin, vreo 2 sa zicem, sau chiar 1 h, dar nu se leaga la fel, si nici aromele nu se combina la fel. Se poate folosi  si oregano sau alte condimente. Eu inca nu am mancat lasagna la restaurant si nu am reper pentru comparatie. Sosul l-am facut cu o zi inainte si l-am pastrat la frigider pentru ca dureaza ceva timp pana se face, si pe deasupra, tre sa stea si la cuptor 1 h, apoi inca juma de ora sa se raceasca si ii mult prea grea pe post de cina tarzie.

Nu am dat cantitati pentru ca le-am cam masurat ochiometric, plus ca am folosit o parte din sos pentru paste in seara in care l-am facut.

Pentru sosul bechamel am prajit o ceapa mica tocata marunt de tot in 40g  de unt apoi am pus la prajit si 40 g faina si le-am stins cu 400 ml lapte rece. Am pus putin piper si niste nucsoara (se pot pune si alte ierburi, depinde pentru ce se foloseste). Eu am pus 40 g faina si 400 ml lapte ca sa iasa un sos mai gros, ca o budinca. In functie de reteta la care se foloseste, se poate reduce cantitatea de faina.  ah da, eu am mai pus si o lingura de mascarpone, ca tot aveam prin frigider de la ceva prajitura. Sosul se fierbe vreo 15 minute amestecand in el din cand in cand sa nu se arda.

Foile pentru lasagna le-am fiert vreo 7-8 minute pana se inmoaie, apoi le-am pus in apa rece pana mi-am aranjat toate chestiile pe masa.

Odată ce am avut totul pe masă, am cubulit brânză mozzarella, proaspătă pentru a o imprastia peste sosuri între straturi.

Vezi video aici. Eu sunt leneșa sa mai explic, îmi pare rău.

Practic ordinea strasturilor este fidea carne, sos alb, carne, fidea, sos alb, carne, tăiței, carne, multa mozzarella. Eu am pus mozzarella si intre straturi. O fost buna.

Back to using leftovers from the fridge. I should start diversifying my wok mixes but i’m stuck using the same old stuff.


– pork , canned mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, celery root, onion, ginger, egg noodles, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and some indian spice, it’s mostly curry but i can feel ginger and garlic too and cayenne


1. Sliced the meat as thinly as possible and sprinkled soy sauce and sesame seed oil, left to marinate for half an hour while i chopped all the ingredients as quickly as possible.

2. Heated my wok and fried the meat on high heat till it browned nicely (4-5 minutes) then i added the onion and ginger pieces, left for another minute and poured everything else over. i was kinda getting impatient with things.

3. Added some water and left the whole thing to boil, too lazy to stir fry the stuff.  and hungry and wanted something comforting but light. Added the indian powder and checked for salt&pepper.

4. Boiled the noodles for 3 minutes

5. Placed noodles in bowl, added mix of veggies and pork, took pics quickly while it cooled off a bit and then ate. Felt happy to fill up my belly with decent tasting food.


– Carne de porc, ciuperci conservate, morcovi, ardei gras, radacina de telina, ceapa, ghimbir, taitei, sos de soia, sos Worcestershire, sare, piper şi un condiment indian, este curry cea mai mare parte, dar se simte si ghimbir si usturoi si ardei iute


1. Taiat carnea in felii subtiri si am lasat-o la marinat in sos de soia şi ulei de seminţe de susan (cam jumatate de ora pana am ciopartit si restu legumelor)

2. Încălzit wok-ul şi prăjit carnea pe foc mare pana se rumeneste frumos (4-5 minute), apoi am adaugat ceapa si ghimbirul, le-am lasat 1 minut si apoi am rasturnat si restul ingredientelor

3. Am mai adăugat si nişte apă şi am lăsat să fiarbă totul, prea leneşa pentru a se amesteca vioi din wok, si eram si semi-lesinata de foame.La sfarsit am adaugat si condimentul indian (just use curry) si am gustat sa vad daca mai trebuie sare sau piper

4. Fiert taiteii timp de 3 minute

5. Am plasat taiteii in bol, apoi am pus amestecul de legume şi carne de porc si i-am facut poze pana s-o racit suficient cat sa pot sa mananc fara sa suflu sau sa-mi ard limba.