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I did a post about cupcakes earlier, and i should’ve included these as well, but “i forgot.” The recipe isn’t mine, it’s borrowed from David Lebovitz, whose blog is my most reliable source of inspiration when it comes to chocolate treats.

the below quantities yield about 34-36 mini cupcakes.


– 60 g dark chocolate

– 60 ml freshly brewed coffee or boiling water (i used both coffee, and instant coffee+hot water with good results)

– 115 g unsalted butter

– 150 g powdered sugar (i used a mix of white and brown sugar)

– 2 eggs (room temperature, separated)

– 150 g flour

– 20 g cocoa powder (i use dutch cocoa, dark)

– 5 g baking powder

– 5 g baking soda

– 125 ml milk+few drops of lemon juice


1. hot water/coffee goes over teh chocolate, set aside

2. sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder and soda together

3. butter+sugar creamed together till pale and fluffy

4. add yolks

5. add chocolate+coffee mixture, mix thoroughly

6. add half the flour, mix, add all the milk, mix slowly, add remaining flour, mix till all flour is incorporated, don’t over mix

7. whip the egg whites with a few drops of lemon and pinch of salt, add to the above mix and just blend all slowly, till no more traces of egg white are to be seen in the dough, careful not to overmix

8. bake in a pan lined with muffin liners for 20-25 minutes, check for doneness with a toothpick. these had smaller domes, even though they seemed to be rising during baking, tehy kinda deflated by the time they got cold, but the texture was decent.

For frosting i used simple dark chocolate ganache.

– 100 g dark chocolate

– 100 ml heavy cream

heavy cream brought to a simmer, poured over chopped chocolate, mixed thoroughly, left to cool in the fridge for a while, whipped and piped using your own imagination.



Am omis cupcakesii cu ciocolata din postu’ de ieri, din greseala sau de lene, we’ll never know now will we? 😀

Mai jos aveti o reteta luata de pe blogul lui David Lebovitz, una dintre sursele de incredere cand vine vorba de produse care au la baza ciocolata.

din cantitățile de mai jos am obtinut aproximativ 34-36 mini prajiturele.


– 60 g ciocolata neagra

– 60 ml de cafea proaspăt preparată sau apă fierbinte (am folosit atat de cafea, cat si cafea instant + apa calda cu rezultate bune)

– 115 g unt (temperatura camerei)

– 150 g zahar pudra (am folosit un amestec de alb și zahăr brun)

– 2 oua (la temperatura camerei, separate)

– 150 g făină

– 20 g cacao (eu folosesc cacao olandeză, neagra)

– 5 g praf de copt

– 5 g bicarbonat de sodiu

– 125 ml lapte + cateva picaturi de suc ​​de lamaie


1. apa caldă sau cafeaua se rastoarna peste ciocolata maruntita si se lasa putin, apoi se amesteca pentru omogenizare si se da deoparte

2. faina, cacaoa, praful de copt și bicarbonatul de sodiu se cern împreună

3. untul + zahărul se amesteca împreună până se deschid la culoare si capata un aspect pufos (?!)

4. se adauga galbenusurile si se amesteca bine

5. se adauga ciocolata + cafeaua si se amestecă bine

6. se adaugă jumătate din făină, se amestecă, se adaugă tot laptele, amestecand usor, se adauga restul de faina, se amesteca iar pana se incorporeaza si faina, atentie sa nu amestecati prea mult

7. albusurile se bat separat cu putina sare si zemaa de lamaie si se adauga peste amestecul de mai sus, se amesteca usor, cu miscari ample de jos in sus pana cand nus e mai vad urme de albus apoi se toarna in forme de briose

8. se dau la copt la 180 grade C pentru 20-25 de minute, pentru a verifica daca sunt coapte, folositi testul scobitorii

Pentru crema am folosit un ganache de ciocolata neagra, batut

– 100 g ciocolata neagra

– 100 ml smantana

Smântâna incalzita se toarna peste ciocolata maruntita, se amesteca si se lasat la rece in frigider apoi se mixeaza pana cand capata un aspect pufos (seamana cu crema de unt).  eu le-am decorat ca pe alea dinainte, exersez miscarea aia de floare deocamdata.




This is a special dedication for Dani 😀

I thought cupcakes were overrated.  They’re pretty, easy to make and  incredibly versatile (which i approve), they’re a great treat that any home baker can make, but i  was never a fan because i don’t approve of flashy colors in food, and natural colors are never that strong or pleasant.

and to reinforce my previous statement, a week or so ago, i had to make a cake using artificial food coloring, black, to be more precise. i accidentally spilled some of it on my elbow skin (Don’t ak) and it took nearly three days to completely wash off. and i did scrub, with a ponce stone (?!) to obtain a slightly lighter shade of dark red/purple, i’m not sure because my skin was itchy and red from all the scrubbing.

now, imagine if all that shit would be ingested. how do you scrub it off the interior of your own body? 😀

that was black food coloring, and black is stronger than all, but a lot of food coloring goes into a lot of sweets (cuz it’s sweets we’re talking about), msotly frosting and icing but also the shells of macarons that so many ppl enjoy. of course, moderation is key, but long term, food coloring should not be encouraged. i know there are other harmful stuff, but food coloring is one that can easily be avoided. (however, i do sometimes use it myself, bits of it, most often for macarons and a few times for sugar paste. sugar paste is another thing i don’t quite enjoy working with 😀 but this is another story).

the second reason why i just couldn’t feel any desire for cupcakes is …. BUTTERCREAM (that most cupcakes out there have on top).

i understand it’s cheap, quick and reliable. but there are a lot more options out there that are healthier, just as pretty and far better tasting. and if you’re going to use buttercream, why not do a swiss meringue buttercream, a lot more stable, smoother and just a bit lighter.

now it’s time i stopped berating those using food coloring and buttercream for cupcakes and move on to the positives.


When i think of cupcakes i think color, joy, sprinkles and Martha Stewart (i was really young when i watched a TV show of Martha baking a batch of these tiny things and then frosting with dollops of buttercream and sprinkles, and they were new to me, tehy weren’t popular in romania at the time, and by the time the show was over, i had to wipe the drool off my face).

So here it is, a cupcake recipe adapted from Martha’s vanilla cupcakes. (my quantities make 24-30 mini cupcakes, and 12-15 large cupcakes) that i topped with blueberry ganache, dark chocolate ganache, caramel swiss meringue buttercream and lemon swissmeringue buttercream.


– 92 g butter (room temperature)

– 135 g powdered sugar

– 2 eggs (separated, room temperature)

– 90 g room temperature sour cream (can be replaced with milk+few lemon drops, in which case, increase the butter to 113 g)

– 150 g flour (i use a type of flour that has 8.8 g protein/100 g, the lower the protein, the fluffier the cake)

– 4 g sodium bicarbonate


1. turn your oven at, needs to be preheated to 180 degrees C and line your cupcake pan with paper liners

2. sift the flour and bicarbonate together

3.  cream the butter and powdered sugar till pale and fluffy

4. add the yolks one by one, this will be the wet mix

5. turn off the mixer and whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt and few drops of lemon (make sure the whisk and bowl are clean, no traces of fat) whip them whites till really foamy

5. add half the flour to the wet mix and mix slowly till it’s slightly incorporated, add the sourcream/milk, and mix just a bit, add the rest of the flour and incorporate

6. add the egg whites and fold the batter till no more traces of whites on teh surface, don’t overmix .

Fill the moulds with the batter three quarters up and bake for 15-20 minutes till toothpick comes out clean. they should grow tiny domes, that’s a good thing 😀

In order to decorate, i made several fillings, including swiss meringue buttercream.


Blueberry white chocolate ganache 

– 100 g white chocolate

– 100 g heavy cream

– 30-50 g blueberry puree (mash the blueberries with a spoonful of sugar, few lemon drops, bring to a boil, reduce it a bit till it thickens and you’re done. i strained mine cuz whole blueberry pieces don’t go through my piping bag, but this step can be skipped, for more texture)


1. bring the heavy cream to a simmer, till it bubbles on the edges at least

2. pour over the chocolate, wait a bit, mix well till it thickens up a bit

3. add the blueberry puree and mix

4. this is important, needs to be chilled in the fridge for 1 h, or shoved in teh freezer till it cools completely. if it’s not cooled entirely, there’s a chance it will split

5. when it’s entirely cooled, whip it till it keeps its shape, might take 5 minutes, 10 minutes, depending on your mixer.

in order to ‘decorate’ i made a little hole in the cupcake top, poured some blueberry puree inside and topped it with whipped ganache.

For the swiss meringue buttercream i used Andie’s recipe.

i split that into two parts, added caramel sauce to half of it and lemon curd to the other.



Cupcakes, versiunea mini

Cu dedicație specială pentru Dani : D

Pe scurt, mie nu mi-o placut in mod special cupcakesii niciodata. Majoritatea folosesc coloranti si crema de unt, si eu nu m-am deranjat sa fac pana acum cateva zile. si daca tot am zis ca fac, am zis sa caut o reteta care sa-mi placa si mie, si sa obtin ceva pufos, umed si aromat.

Când mă gândesc la prajiturile astea, ma gandesc la culori vesele, dragute si…  Martha Stewart (pe ea am vazut-o facand cupcakes intr-o emisiune prima data.)

Asadar, am luat o reteta de cupcakes clasice (cu vanilie) de la ea de pe blog si am adaptat-o putin. ( Cantitățile is pentru 24-30 mini prajiturele , și 12-15 cupcakes mari)

La capitolu creme am facut ganache de ciocolata alba si afine , ganache de ciocolata neagra , crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana cu caramel si lamaie.



– 92 g unt (la temperatura camerei )

– 135 g de zahăr pudră

– 2 oua (separate , temperatura camerei )

– 90 g smantana la temperatura camerei ( poate fi înlocuita cu lapte + cateva picaturi de lamaie , caz în care , se creste cantitatea de unt la 112 g )

– 150 g faina ( eu folosesc un tip de faina care are 8,8 g proteină/100 g , cu cat faina are mai putin gluten, cu atat iese prajitura mai pufoasa)

– 4 g bicarbonat de sodiu


1 . Se incalzeste cuptorul la 180 de grade C și se pregateste tava de briose cu hartii pentru briose

2 . se cerne faina si bicarbonatul împreună

3 . untul+zahărul pudră se mixeaza cu un tel sau cu mixerul pana se deschid la culoare si se aereaza

4 . se adauga galbenusurile unul cate unul , acesta va fi amestecul umed

5 . opriți mixerul și bateti albusurile spuma cu putina zeama de lamaie si sare, pana isi mentin forma cat de cat. aveti grija sa fie vasu curat si telu sau bratele mixerului

5 . se adauga jumătate din faina la amestecul umed și se amestecă încet, până nu se mai vad urme de faina apoi se adauga smantana/laptele si se amesteca putin, apoi restul de faina

6 . la sfarsit se adaugă albușurile de ou și se amesteca pana nu se mai vad urme de albus, nu foarte mult, nu amestecati prea mult, ca o sa iasa un aluat elastic si nu-i de bine, iese tare prajitura

se umplu formele cu aluat cam trei sferturi (o sa se umfle la copt)  si se coc timp de 15-20 de minute, pana scobitoarea iese curata .

pentru decor, eu am pus crema de ciocolata alba si iafine, crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana cu caramel si crema de lamaie.

Ganache de ciocolata alba cu afine

– 100 g ciocolată albă

– 100 g smantana pentru frisca

–  30-50 g piure afine  ( 100 g afine cu 20 g de zahar , cateva picaturi de lamaie , se aduc la fierbere , se reduc un pic pana se ingroasa și ați terminat, eu am strecurat piureu pentru crema ca sa fiu sigura ca pot sa ornez cu crema, dar pasu poate fi omis)


1 . se incalzeste smantana la foc mic , până se formeaza bule pe margini

2 . se toarnă peste ciocolata , se lasa putin, se amesteca bine pana se ingroasa un pic

3 . se adauga piureul de afine și se amestecă

4 . se lasa la frigider pana se raceste, MUSAI sa fie rece inainte sa o bateti cu telu/mixeru, altfel se poate taia. merge bagata si la congelator daca va grabiti, cel mai bine o faceti cu o seara inainte si o lasati la frgider (dureaza 5 minute).

5 . atunci când este răcita complet , se bate pana isi păstrează forma , ar putea dura 5 minute, 10 minute , în funcție de mixerul sau viteza de amestecare .

Pentru decorare, eu am scos o bucatica mica de aluat din fiecare cupcake in parte, am pus fiertura de afine, apoi crema cu un pos si dui de 1 cm. pe celelalte am pus crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana si am decorat cu sprit in forma de stea inchisa (parca asa se numeste). noh in fine, eu daca n-as avea nici un dui sau sprit, as taia o punga la un capat intr-o forma mai ciudata si as strange de aia 😀 sau cu lingura

Pentru crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana am folosit reteta lui Andie .




Right so, time for a new post. This time i would like to introduce you to these goodies: a fine combination of crispy biscuit, vanilla softness that melts in your mouth and salty chewiness of the pastry. I was intrigued by the looks of these thingies after seeing them here. I’ve used a different choux pastry recipe but  the biscuit layer is borrowed from the insanitytheory blog. I don’t have much else to add, they were a surprising and interesting treat, i would very much like to try them with different filling, for now i have a raspberry mousse in mind and perhaps roses, if i get my hands on rosewater. and coconut. could definitely use more coconut in my life. anywho, nuff with the cravings.

Recipe for the choux pastry can be found here.

The vanilla filling was made using the pastry cream here, plus 500 ml whipped cream.

As far as the biscuit layer is concerned, i used the recipe provided by insanitytheory. I got slightly more biscuit dough than pastry dough, but that’s okay, you can just reduce quantities slightly.


Ingredients for the biscuit topping

– 100g unsalted butter, very cold
– 125g cake flour
– 125g caster sugar


I used a food processor to “crumble” the butter, flour and sugar, then kneaded the dough slightly with my hands till it stuck together, rolled it into a log and let it sit in the fridge till i made the choux pastry.

You can also crumble them using your finger tips or using a pastry mixer/cutter.

To “assemble” the puffs, i piped tiny domes of choux pastry on a baking tray leaving plenty of room for them to expand, same as when you bake profiterols, then i topped them with a thin slice of biscuit dough.  Baked them at 200 degrees in a preheated oven for 10 minutes, then i cracked the oven door for just a bit to let the steam out, and turned the heat lower to 180 degrees celsius. They baked for another 15-20 minutes till they turned brown/golden. don’t open your oven door, they could collapse, don’t worry they’ll burn, they won’t, the biscuit layer prevents the bignes from burning too quickly.

While these were baking i made the creme patissiere and whipped the cream. I then mixed them together and filled the pastry balls with. I strongly insist you only fill these with cream before eating otherwise they’ll soften and lose teh crisp in the topping.

ladureewannabes collage

De data aceasta aș dori să vă prezint urmatoarele bunatati: o combinație surprinzatoare de biscuit crocant, crema moale de vanilie si aluat sarat si fraged de patiserie. Este o combinatie intre ecler/profiterol/choux a la creme cu biscuit si crema de vanilie.  Am fost intrigat de aspectul ciudat al eclerelor vazute aici. Am folosit o rețetă diferita pentru aluatul de eclere si am preluat doar reteta pentru aluatul de biscuit.

Rețetă aluatului pentru eclere/profiterol poate fi gasita aici.

Umplutura am făcut-o folosind crema de patiserie  de-aici, plus 500 g frisca batuta.

În ceea ce privește stratul de biscuiti, am folosit reteta data de insanitytheory.

Ingrediente pentru stratul de biscuit

–  100 g unt, foarte rece
–  125g faina
– 125g zahar pudra


Eu am folosit robotul de bucatarie pentru amestecarea ingredientelor dar merge si cu varfurile degetelor. Se amesteca toate trei ingredientele cu mana pana cand se leaga apoi se ruleaza in folie de plastic si se lasa la rece pana la prepararea aluatului pentru eclere si a cremei.

Pentru a “asambla” gogoselele, am spritat mici gramajoare de aluat intr-o tava, lasand mult spatiu pentru ca extind destul de mult, apoi am pus peste o felie de aluat de biscuiti. Le-am copt la 200 de grade în cuptorul preîncălzit timp de 10 minute, apoi am crapat ușa cuptorului putin cat sa iasa aburul si le-am mai lasat la copt la 180 grade pentru inca 15-20 minute.

intre timp am preparat crema de patiserie si frisca pe care le-am lasat la rece si le-am amestecat inainte de a umple gogoselele cu crema. am constatat ca daca stau cu crema in ele cateva ore se inmoaie destul de tare. daca vreti sa fie crocante, incercati sa le umpleti fix inainte de-a le servi.


i always thought my 100th post would be something special and i kept postponing it so i’d have something more “festive” to share =) but well, i don’t. i’ll just post all the stuff i never had a good enough reason to post or just didn’t like the pictures much. Don’t like them any more now, but i won’t apologize for it. This is filled with pictures, including a photo “tutorial” of how to make chocolate macarons, plus recipe.

le macaronIngredients

– 120 g egg whites

– pinch salt+few drops of lemon juice

– 200 g granulated sugar

– 130 g powdered sugar

– 100 g almond flour

macaron processNow, some of the macarons in the above collage are actually under-cooked, notice the darkened top.

Moving on, in chronological order: some easy sammiches

breakfastsand my first cookies for unknown public!

chocolate chip candied orange peel ginger cookies

…. from dru’s bday


My take on meat

roast meat

and more easy dishes, ingredients and directions can be deduced from teh pics… i think

mushroom pizza

blueberry cheesecake


tortilla sammich



birthday present

YEHZ, something i really wanted for a while, and i couldn’t be more grateful and proud. I use it every day ^_^

raspberry pistachio birthday cake

Pancakes for lazy peopleas in.. blend all the ingredients and then start making the pancakes or crepes, whichever you wish.

mini chocolate tarts

cookiesMay i post another 100 in half the time ^_^

To me, they look most appetizing when they’re fully dipped in chocolate rather than having chocolate drizzled on top.

The filling i like most is a balanced mix of creme patissiere lighten up with some whipped cream. I think the whipped cream makes the filling silkier with a less pudding-like taste and texture.

If you follow this recipe right here, it’s really hard to fail. Well, this one time, at band camp, i ruined a whole batch of profiteroles because i overcrowded my tray. i honestly thought they had enough room to spread and bubble up =) and REALLY didn’t feel like baking another tray, cuz you gotta wait for them to cool in the oven, and then reheat it again for the next batch bla bla bla. Lesson learned, less rushing.

People really dig these tiny treats!

Now i’ll move on to the actual recipe, even though i have nothing to add except for the filling, which is the creme patissiere i talked in a previous post.

I’m sure there are zounds of profiteroles recipes out there, but this one has the prettiest pictures. So pretty they made me crave, and i’m hardly a fan. i remember my mom having all sorts of trouble baking them. Sometimes she’d get the most amazingly puffed eclairs and other times we’d have to eat a bunch of flat rolls of funny tasting dough.


for the pastry dough

– 250 ml water

– 125 ml oil

– 150 g flour

– salt

– 4 large eggs (63 g x4)

for the creme patissiere

– 6 egg yolks

– 100 g sugar (to me, this is just the right amount of sweetness)

-40 g flour

-500 g milk

-100 ml heavy cream (whipped)

for the chocolate ganache ( i prefer a more solid version of this)

-150 ml heavy cream

-100 g chocolate (i recommend using  dark chocolate, good quality)


Heat the oven to 220 degrees C.

I followed the steps here closely, except for the cooling part, there was no need for a plate, it’s really cold outside 😀

1. Water+oil+salt mix well, bring to a boil

2. Remove from the stove,  add flour (sifted) and stir forcefully with a wooden spoon till a ball of dough forms.

3. Set it back on the stove and keep mixing for another couple of minutes till you get a rough layer on the bottom of the pan. Set aside and let cool (reach room temperature at least).

4. Once cooled, start adding the eggs, one by one, mix till well incorporated after each one (if you try something different, let me know how that turned out :D)

5. Pour into a piping bag and pipe tiny lumps of dough in a baking tray lined with parchment paper. I think you can play around with the shapes if you like.

6. Bake for 15 minutes at 220 degrees C then turn the oven to 190 degrees C and bake for another 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let cool in teh oven with the oven door cracked a tad. It’s important to keep the oven door shut during the first 15-20 minutes or else you risk having deflated puffs. First tiem i made these, i turned the baking tray half way through and the puffs deflated but they rose up in the next 10 miuntes or so. Another thing,  since i have a convection oven, i didn’t always monitor the temperature precisely, i just made sure it’s over 200 degrees C and then slightly under 200 degrees C.

For the filling, i made creme patissiere which i mixed with whipped cream.

Made the ganache straight on the stove, no double boilers etc. Chocolate +heavy cream in a saucepan over low heat till they melt together and become glossy. After filling each puff, i dipped the last few puffs in teh ganache and let them cool off. Initially, i drizzled some of the chocolate sauce on top of puffs, but realized by teh end i didn’t quite like their look so i changed it 😀

That’s about it. even tho’ it’s time consuming, it is so worth the taste in the end.

Nu m-am dat in vant dupa eclere/profiterol niciodata. Maica-mea face d-astea cu untura, apa, faina si oua. Le pune cu lingurita in tava. De multe ori ii ies asa cum trebuie, dar pe mine m-o marcat faptu ca pareau o loterie, cresc /nu cresc (acuma stiu de ce nu cresteau, dar ca  incepator prin bucatarie, erau o bataie inutila de cap).

Si daca nu cresteau, era tragic, ramaneam cu niste treburi seci si uscate cu gust de untura si o mama .. irascibila :D. O alta chestie care nu-mi placea tare mult era umplutra facuta cu budinca. Nu zic, ii comod asa, dar mie nu-mi mai place budinca. Asadar, nu prea m-o tentat sa fac eclere/profiteroles pana am vazut ASTA.


pentru aluat

– 250 ml apă

– 125 ml de ulei

– 150 g făină

– Sare

– 4 oua mari (63 g x4)

pentru crema

– 6  gălbenușuri

– 100 g de zahăr

-40 g făină

-500 g lapte

-100 ml smântână pentru frisca

pentru glazura (eu prefer o versiune mai solida )

-150 ml smântână pentru frisca

-100 gciocolata (eu recomand sa folositi ciocolata neagra de buna calitate)


Incalziti cuptorul la 220 de grade C.

Am urmat pasii de aici îndeaproape, cu excepția partii referitoare la racire, nu era nevoie de o farfurie, e foarte frig afara: D

1. Apa + ulei + sare se amesteca bine intr-o oala si se aduc la fierbere

2. Se adauga faina (cernuta) si se ia de pe foc amestecand cu putere cu o lingura de lemn pana cand aluatul incepe sa semene cu o bila.

3. Porniti iar focul sub oala  si amestecati pentru inca 2-3 minute pana se formeaza un strat dur pe fundul vasului. Luati de pe foc si lasati la racit pana ajunge la temperatura camerei sau mai rece.

4. După ce se răcește, adaugati ouale, unul câte unul, amestecand bine dupa fiecare ou pana se incorporeaza (nu stui ce se intampla daca puneti toate ouale deodata, dar daca incercati, va rog sa-mi spuneti si mie ce iese :D)

5. Se toarnă într-o pungă pentru spritat, sau ziplock de unica folosinta, si se spriteaza mici gramajoare de aluat in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt. Lasati 2-3 cm intre fiecare bila de aluat pentru a permite gogoselelor sa creasca.

gogosele ^_____^

Puteti sa va jucati cu forma, adica sa le faceti mai mari sau mai lunguiete, cu conditia sa fie toate de aceeasi forma intr-o tava, ca sa se coaca uniform.

6. Coaceți timp de 15 minute la 220 grade C, apoi scadeti temperatura la 190 grade C si mai lasati la copt 10 minute. Opriți focul si lasati gogoselele sa se raceasca in cuptor cu usa intredeschisa pentru inca 10-15 minute.

În primele 15 minute este important să păstrați închisă ușa cuptorului, altfel se lasa. Prima data cand am facut, am vrut sa intorc tava ca mi se parea ca alea din spate se coc mai repede, si cand am scos tava afara s-o bag invers, m-am trezit cu gogosile desumflate ca niste corturi. Apoi si-o revenit, dar nu la dimensiunile initiale.

Un alt lucru, deoarece am un cuptor cu convecție, nu am monitorizat temperatura precis. Am termometru doar ca dureaza ceva pana creste/scade tempratura in cuptor, asa ca ce-am facut a fost sa le coc la tempratura mare primele 15, si la temperatura mai mica urmatoarele 10 minute.

Pentru umplutura, am făcut crema ca aici apoi am amestecat-o cu frisca.

Am făcut glazura (ganache/ganaj) direct pe aragaz, fara bain-marie etc.  Ciocolata + frisca intr-o cratita la foc mic pana se topesc împreună și devin o emulsie lucioasă.

Am umplut fiecare gogoasa cu crema si am scufundat-o cu capu-n jos in glazura apoi le-am lasat la racit pe un gratar. Initial am turnat sosu peste ele, dar mi-am dat seama ca arata mult mai bine daca is acoperite complet in partea de sus cu glazura.

+aberatia din google translate, for funsies *Asta e despre asta. e un pic de timp consumatoare, dar este într-adevăr merită gust în final.*

I hope you enjoyed this 😀 i know I did.

I already have a chocolate tart recipe on my blog so this is going to be a short post. The reason i am writing this is because I wanted to share my thoughts on a new pastry dough recipe i tried out.  I’m really glad i chose it, was happy with the results ^_^

I tripled the quantities because i had to make a few batches of tartlets, but you can just use the original recipe there.

Ingredients (these will yield about 30 tartlets, 5cm wide, and two larger ones, 15 cm wide)

– 450 g room temperature butter

– 285 g powdered sugar

-90 g ground almonds

– 3 eggs

– 750 g flour


1. Cream the butter with sugar

2. Add the almond meal, eggs one by one and then the flour

3. Wrap the resulted dough into plastic film and let it rest in the fridge till you need it.

When i was ready to bake it, i rolled the dough in between sheets of plastic film to prevent it from sticking to my rolling pin and the table. Set the dough in the pan, poked a few holes in it to allow steam to rise, covered it with a sheet of parchment paper, then with the baking-designated-beans (you can use anything else that’s heavy enough to prevent the dough from rising) and baked it for 15-30 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees C (till it browned on the edges). Removed the beans and parchment paper, filled it with chocolate filling and baked for another 10 minutes till it bubbles on teh edges but the center is gooey (same is done with cheesecake). If you’re not in a horrible rush, it’s recommended to let the dough rest in the pan for another half an hour in the fridge. it prevents it from shrinking. Also, when placing the dough in the pan, don’t stretch it, that can also cause it to shrink during baking.

Nu vreau s-o lungesc prea mult, am deja o reteta pentru tarta cu ciocolata pe blog. De data asta am folosit o reteta noua pentru aluat si imi place cum o iesit, chit ca realizez de fiecare data cand ma uit la poze ca mai am foarte mult de lucrat la aspect.

Proportiile sunt pentru aproximativ 30 de tarte mici, cu diametru de 5 cm. Eu am avut de facut pentru cineva si spre sfarsit am ramas fara forme mici asa ca am facut repede doua tarte, dintre care una cu ciocolata (diametru de 15 cm)


– 450 g unt la temperatura camerei

– 285 g de zahăr pudră

-90 G migdale macinate

– 3 oua

– 750 g făină

1. Mixati untul cu zahărul pana capata o consistenta spumoasa

2. Adăugați migdalele macinate si ouăle unul câte unul, apoi faina. Ar trebui sa rezulte un aluat mai moale, o sa se intareasca la frigider.

3. Înfășurați aluatul rezultat în folie de plastic și lăsați-l să se odihnească în frigider pana aveți nevoie de el.

In cazul meu, aluatul cred ca a stat o noapte la frigider. Cand am fost gata de copt, l-am scos de la frigider si l-am rulat între doua bucati de folie de plastic pentru a preveni lipirea lui de facalet si masă. Am asezat aluatul in tava, l-am intepat putin pentru a permite aburului să iasa, apoi l-am acoperit cu o foaie de hârtie de copt, apoi cu boabe de fasole (puteti folosi orice altceva care e suficient de greu pentru a preveni  umflarea aluatului), și l-am copt timp de 15-20 de minute în cuptorul preîncălzit la 170 de grade C (pana se rumeneste-l pe margini).

Daca nu va grabiti, putei sa lasati aluatul cu tava cu tot inca juma de ora la frigider, ajuta la pastrarea formei initiale, sa nu se micsoreze adica. Ah, si daca se poate, sa nici nu-l intindeti, ca si asta poate sa duca la micsorarea lui in timpu coacerii.

Am indepartat fasolea și hârtia, am turnat crema de ciocolata si l-am dat la copt pentru inca 10 minute pana cand se formeaza mici bule pe marginile tartei dar centrul este inca moale/lipicios (la fel ca la cheesecake).

This is the perfect recipe for my comeback. It’s good to feel excited about posting something again.

I don’t see a point in explaining my absence so i’ll jump straight to the recipe, which is by far one of the easiest, most fulfilling sweets i’ve baked in a long time. I’ve picked it up from here. My only change was omitting the Chinese 5 spice, i don’t have any.

Ok, i feel like i haven’t been convincing enough. I think anyone with a blueberry preference NEEDS to try this at least once. it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare,  30 minutes to bake, and less than 10 minutes to EAT! this is the second time i’ve baked it. First time i used a mix of berries (rasp- black- and blue-berries) and this time with blueberries only. I like it more this time because i used MORE blueberries and the blueberry layer turned out rich and moist and jam/puddingy like. A piece of this is like a thin layer of biscuit covered with thick sauce topped with crispy crumbles. It melts in your mouth and leaves you craving more. I rarely compliment something i make, mostly because i always have something i want to improve. however, this thing is delish. do try and let me know how it turned out.


-187 g flour

-100 g powdered sugar (less or none can be used if you can’t have any sugar)

-113 g frozen butter (shredded, cuz mine was frozen)

-1 egg yolk

-1 tbsp cold water

– 1 tbsp baking powder and 1 tbsp salt

– 250 g blueberries (or enough to cover the whole pan surface)


preheat oven to 190 degrees C.

1. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together

2. Add shredded butter and mix with either a fork or a pastry cutter, don’t use hands) and mix till the mixture becomes crumbly.

3. Add egg yolk and mix together, drip the water all over the crumbs and mix well.

Dough should be crumbly and stick together when pressed together (see Chef John’s video for more details)

4. Line a square pan with parchment paper and divide the dough in two, 70/30%

5. Spread the 70% in the pan and even it out by shaking the pan then start pressing it with a spoon.

6. Spread the blueberries all over the dough making sure it’s just one even layer. I used lots of blueberries, mine touched each other, and i’m not sorry at all, i like it blueberricious like that.

7. Pour the rest 30% of the dough all over, like crumbs.

8. Bake for 25-30 minutes, edges should be brown while the surface of the cake should appear to be crispy.

wait till it cools off, slice it and dig in.


-187 G făină

-100 G  zahăr pudra (sau mai puţin or deloc daca nu aveti voie zahar, merge si fara)

-113 G de unt rece (al meu o fost congelat si l-am razuit)

-1 Gălbenuş de ou

-1 Lingura de apa rece

– 1 lingura praf de copt si 1 lingura de sare

– 250 g afine (sau suficiente pentru a acoperi suprafata tavii)


Incalziti cuptorul la 190 grade C.

1. Se amestecă făina, zahăr, praf de copt şi sarea împreună

2. Se adauga untul si se amesteca cu o furculita sau cu un tel (nu folosi mâinile) şi se amestecă până amestecul devine sfărâmicios.

3. Se adauga gălbenuşul de ou şi se amestecă împreună, apoi apa si se amesteca bine. Aluatul trebuie să fie sfaramicios dar sa se lipeasca daca il strangeti in pumn.

4. Tapetati tava cu hartie si împărţi aluatul în două, 70/30%

5. Imprastiati 70% în tava şi uniformizati nivelul scuturand tava, apoi începeţi să il apasati cu o lingura.

6. Imprastiati afinele peste tot aluatul asigurându-vă că e doar un strat. Eu am folosit o mulţime de afine, sa fiu sigura ca nu iese seaca prajitura.

7. Restul de 30% din aluat se toarnă peste afine ca niste firimituri.

8. Coaceţi timp de 25-30 de minute, pana ce marginile se maronesc iar partea superioara pare crocanta.