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I have a cravings list. Nothing further to add. Chocolate mousse, Julia Child’s chocolate mousse, was on top of my list ever since i got this dark chocolate from Barcelona, specially designed to be used in sweets. I went straight here, on David Lebovitz’s blog, found THE RECIPE and did it. i tweaked it just a bit, but it’s mainly the same. I halved the quantities and obtained two large ramekins and two tiny espresso cups.


– 85 g dark chocolate

– 85 g butter

– 50 ml strong coffee

– 2 eggs

– 80 g sugar

– bit of salt


I wanted to pasteurize the eggs just to be on the safe side so i split the sugar quantity in two, 40 g for the yolks and 40 for the whites.

1. chocolate+butter+coffee on bain-marie till smooth, the water should be simmering not boiling

2. yolks+40 g sugar mixed together till fluffy and pale then cooked over simmering water for 3-4 minutes, removed from the heat and kept stirring till they chilled a bit. i didn’t chill them on ice, didn’t have any in hand. Once i noticed they might harden up and become gluey, i mixed them with the chocolate mixture.

4. over simmering water, whipped the egg whites with a bit of salt till foamy, added the sugar, one spoonful at a time, kept mixing till they starting resembling stiff peaks, about 4 minutes. folded the whites in the chocolate mix carefully.

5. poured the mix into ramekins and espresso cups and left them overnight covered with plastic film in the fridge.  ok, the craving got pretty severe so i stuck one of the ramekins in the freezer for half an hour and devoured it WITHOUT feeling guilty.  at all, no guilt at all.  it was 2 am @_@

chocolate mousse

Eu am o listă cu pofte culinare, chestii pe care vreau sa le incerc si la care salivez cu gandu. Spuma de ciocolata a Juliei Child o trecut pe primul loc dupa ce am primit niste ciocolata din Barcelona. Cand am vazut-o, la spuma m-am gandit din prima. Si desi ciocolata ii “menaj,” nu se compara la gust si textura nici macar cu heidi sau milka pe care le folosesc de obicei. Era musai sa fac ceva special cu ea.

Ca de obicei, cand am ceva decandent de facut cu ciocolata, m-am dus direct pe blog la David Lebovitz. Am gasit o reteta normala, fara complicatii pe care am urmat-o. cam atat ar fi de zis. Am mai modificat eu pe ici pe colo dar in esenta am facut aceeasi reteta.  Am înjumătățit cantitățile și am obținut două boluri, sau ramekins, pline și două cești de espresso mici.


– 85 g ciocolata neagra

– 85 g unt

– 50 ml cafea tare

– 2 oua

– 80 g zahăr

– Pic de sare


Eu am pasteurizat ouale, de obicei nu le mananc crude decat daca n-am de ales, așa că am împărțit cantitatea de zahăr în două, 40 g pentru gălbenușuri și 40 g pentru albusuri

1. cafeaua+ untul+ ciocolata pe bain-marie pana se omogenizeaza, apa ar trebui să fie aproape de punctul de fierbere nu sa bulbuceasca violent

2. galbenusurile+ 40 g zahar se amesteca pana cand devin o spuma cremoasa si deschisa la culoare apoi se pun pe abur 3-4 minute pana se dizolva zaharu (sa nu se mai simta nici intre degete). se ia spuma de pe foc si se poat raci fie intr-un castron cu gheata, amestecand incontinuu, FIE fara gheata, tot amestecand. pe gheata se racesc mai repede. eu n-am avut gheata, dar le-am amestecat cu crema de ciocolata cand o ajuns la temperaturi apropiate. Daca le lasati sa se raceasca prea tare exista riscu sa se transforme intr-o chestie elastica si lipicioasa si sa nu se mai amestece uniform cu ciocolata.

4. intr-un alt vas, tot pe abur, am mixat albusurile cu putina sare pana cand se formeaza varfuri moi apoi am adaugat treptat zaharul si am mixat cam 4-5 minute pana cand spuma incepe sa faca varfuri mai tari. Am lasat-o putin la racit apoi am incorporat-o in amestecu de ciocolata si galbenusuri.

5. am turnat amestecul obtinut în boluri sau ramekins și cesti de espresso apoi le-a lăsat peste noapte la frigider acoperite cu folie de plastic.

OK, n-am avut rabdare sa astept pana a doua zi asa ca am pus unul dintre boluri la congelator pentru o jumătate de oră și a mâncat-o pe nerasuflate fara sa ma simt vinovata. deloc, nici o vină. era 2 am. O avut aproape aceeasi textura cu astea pe care le-am mancat dimineata.

mousse 2


inspired by simply breakfast paine cu ou

We used to have this for breakfast quite often as children, although i never tried the sweet version. I remember cringing the first time i heard ppl would dip bits of it into sugar before eating it. Turns out, you can just fry the bread in sweet batter and add some fruit, but who knew? anyway, props to it being an easy, delicious breakfast. yet another thing the french introduced us to.

Almost forgot, i made the above using 1 egg, two slices of bread and some parmesan. I used just a bit of oil, not much though, i don’t like it soaked. Honey sweetened fruit infusion goes well with it too.

i always thought my 100th post would be something special and i kept postponing it so i’d have something more “festive” to share =) but well, i don’t. i’ll just post all the stuff i never had a good enough reason to post or just didn’t like the pictures much. Don’t like them any more now, but i won’t apologize for it. This is filled with pictures, including a photo “tutorial” of how to make chocolate macarons, plus recipe.

le macaronIngredients

– 120 g egg whites

– pinch salt+few drops of lemon juice

– 200 g granulated sugar

– 130 g powdered sugar

– 100 g almond flour

macaron processNow, some of the macarons in the above collage are actually under-cooked, notice the darkened top.

Moving on, in chronological order: some easy sammiches

breakfastsand my first cookies for unknown public!

chocolate chip candied orange peel ginger cookies

…. from dru’s bday


My take on meat

roast meat

and more easy dishes, ingredients and directions can be deduced from teh pics… i think

mushroom pizza

blueberry cheesecake


tortilla sammich



birthday present

YEHZ, something i really wanted for a while, and i couldn’t be more grateful and proud. I use it every day ^_^

raspberry pistachio birthday cake

Pancakes for lazy peopleas in.. blend all the ingredients and then start making the pancakes or crepes, whichever you wish.

mini chocolate tarts

cookiesMay i post another 100 in half the time ^_^

Adapted from here. It’s the second time i’ve made this. Last time i followed the original recipe thoroughly and i was happy with the result.

however, this time i wanted to use my own dough recipe, for testing purposes. Most times i knead a dough, i end up adding a bit more water than waht the recipe asks for, less oil, more flour, less yeast etc. I just wanted to measure the ingredients accurately and post a tested-dough-recipe. The crust is crisp (prolly due to the pizza stone too) yet fluffy, but not too fluffy, not too thin, not too .. bread like. I didn’t even burn it, it turned out a light shade of brown. It’s one of the first times when i ran out of improvement ideas for a recipe :))

I use a digital scale which is why i always give out the ingredients in grams.

Ingredients (for a 3o cm wide pizza) 

– 150 g water

– 3 g salt

-37 g oil (15 g sunflower oil, 17 g olive oil)

-250 g flour

-4 g dry yeast (fresh yeast can be used)

– 3 garlic cloves

– 30 g butter

– a few strands of thyme

– 150 g mozzarella

– 100 g parmesan cheese


1. Dissolve the yeast in a bit of warm water and set aside.

2. Mix the water, oil, salt and flour in a bowl, once you have a rather soft dough, start pouring the yeast water slowly over the soft dough and keep mixing.

3. start kneading till you have a non-sticky, elastic dough, wrap with plastic film and let it rest for about 1 h, or until it doubles its size.

4. half way through the rising process, turn the heat in your oven on to 260 degrees C.

5. if you have a pizza stone, shove it in and let it heat up, otherwise, follow lauren’s latest hint and use an upside down cookie sheet.

6. melt the butter in a pan, while it melts, peel and mince the garlic gloves, then let them simmer for a bit in the butter, till they release soem flavore, no longer

7. once the dough is ready, spread it on your counter or a sheet of plastic film

8. Spread the garlicky butter over it, then parmesan, some thyme and then mozzarella.

9. Bake for 12-15 minutes till bubbly and brown all over

Buuun, mi-am imbunatatit reteta de aluat pentru pizza dupa ce am testat cateva retete si am imprumutat cate ceva de la fiecare. Reteta de baza aici.

Ingrediente (pentru o pizza cu diametru de 30 cm)

– 150 g apa

– 3 g sare

-37 g ulei (15 g ulei de floarea soarelui, 17 g ulei de masline)

-250 g faina

-4 g drojdie uscata (se poate folosi si proaspata)

Pentru umplutura

– 3 catei de usturoi

– 30 g unt

– cateva fire de cimbru proaspat

– 150 g mozzarella (mda, mozzarella mea nu era de aia proaspata, si am putut s-o razuiesc)

– 100 g parmezan (puteti folosi orice alte branzeturi aveti la indemana)


Daca aveti masina de paine ii ceva mai simplu, in sensu ca se pun ingredientele lichide in cuva, se adauga faina si drojdia uscata deasupra apoi se programeaza corespunzator (la mine ii programu 9, aluat de pizza, 1.5 h, a mea ii moulinex si-mi place despre dansa)

1. Se dizolva drojdia in putina apa calduta si le lasa sa faca spume 😀

2. Intr-un bol mai incapator, se amesteca restul de apa, uleiurile, sarea si faina. Ar trebui sa obtineti un aluat lipicios peste care se adauga treptat apa cu drojdia de mai devreme si se framanta cu forta. Eu cred ca am batucit aluatu ceva mai mult de 6 minute cat zicea tipa aia de unde am luat reteta initial, pana cand mi s-o parut mie ca ii suficient de nelipicios si elastic, 10-15 minute.

3. Aluatul se acopera cu un prosop curat sau folie de plastic si le lasa la dospit pana isi dubleaza cantiatea.

4. Daca aveti piatra pentru pizza, dupa juma de ora de dospit puteti sa dati drumul la cuptor (260 grade C) si sa lasati piatra sa se incinga, eu las piatra cel putin 20 minute la incalzit. nu stiu ce se intampla daca nu se incalzeste, ca pe instructiuni scrie s-o incalzesti 😀 so i followed them blindly.

daca nu aveti piatra, se poate folosi un dos de tava cu hartie de copt (n-am testat)

5. untul si cateii de usturoi maruntiti bine se lasa la calit putin, pana incep sa-si lase aroma

6. dupa asta, probabil aluatul ii dospit si se poate intinde

7. Se unge cu untul topit mai devreme, se presara cu parmezan si mozzarella si se lasa la cuptor pentru 10-12 minute (eu am lasat-o 15 si de asta ii asa de rosie :p)

the end ^_^


Back to using leftovers from the fridge. I should start diversifying my wok mixes but i’m stuck using the same old stuff.


– pork , canned mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, celery root, onion, ginger, egg noodles, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and some indian spice, it’s mostly curry but i can feel ginger and garlic too and cayenne


1. Sliced the meat as thinly as possible and sprinkled soy sauce and sesame seed oil, left to marinate for half an hour while i chopped all the ingredients as quickly as possible.

2. Heated my wok and fried the meat on high heat till it browned nicely (4-5 minutes) then i added the onion and ginger pieces, left for another minute and poured everything else over. i was kinda getting impatient with things.

3. Added some water and left the whole thing to boil, too lazy to stir fry the stuff.  and hungry and wanted something comforting but light. Added the indian powder and checked for salt&pepper.

4. Boiled the noodles for 3 minutes

5. Placed noodles in bowl, added mix of veggies and pork, took pics quickly while it cooled off a bit and then ate. Felt happy to fill up my belly with decent tasting food.


– Carne de porc, ciuperci conservate, morcovi, ardei gras, radacina de telina, ceapa, ghimbir, taitei, sos de soia, sos Worcestershire, sare, piper şi un condiment indian, este curry cea mai mare parte, dar se simte si ghimbir si usturoi si ardei iute


1. Taiat carnea in felii subtiri si am lasat-o la marinat in sos de soia şi ulei de seminţe de susan (cam jumatate de ora pana am ciopartit si restu legumelor)

2. Încălzit wok-ul şi prăjit carnea pe foc mare pana se rumeneste frumos (4-5 minute), apoi am adaugat ceapa si ghimbirul, le-am lasat 1 minut si apoi am rasturnat si restul ingredientelor

3. Am mai adăugat si nişte apă şi am lăsat să fiarbă totul, prea leneşa pentru a se amesteca vioi din wok, si eram si semi-lesinata de foame.La sfarsit am adaugat si condimentul indian (just use curry) si am gustat sa vad daca mai trebuie sare sau piper

4. Fiert taiteii timp de 3 minute

5. Am plasat taiteii in bol, apoi am pus amestecul de legume şi carne de porc si i-am facut poze pana s-o racit suficient cat sa pot sa mananc fara sa suflu sau sa-mi ard limba.


What the titles says.  I had 5 large mushrooms and i stuffed them with garlic, goat cheese, Camembert and tomatoes. sprinkled some salt and pepper, drizzled some oil and baked for 30-40 minutes at 200 degrees C. Pretty easy and damn delicious, mostly cuz it takes under 10 minutes to wash clean, stuff and shove them in the oven.

I also added some soy sauce, worchestershire sauce and tabasco sauce, couldnt’ help myself. don’t add these if you’re not a fan, they’ll be as tasty without 😀

Ingredients (for two hungry ppl)

– 5 mushrooms (large)

– 5 tiny pieces of salty goat cheese

– 5 tiny pieces of camembert

– 5 tiny cloves of garlic

– 1 large tomato sliced

– salt, pepper, oil  (butter works so much better than oil, but i had none around)


set to oven to 200 degrees C

1. Wash and remove any dirt traces from your mushrooms, i washed mine with the rougher side of my dish sponge.

2. remove the feet by twisting them slightly, in order to avoid breaking teh insides of the mushroom

3. while they dry up, slice the other ingredients

4. season the mushrooms on all sides, use less salt if the cheese of your choice is too salty.

5.  fill each mushroom with a tiny piece of garlic, cheeses, top wiht tomato slice

6. set them all up in a baking pan, or ceramic dish, whichever you have (you can even line a pan with parchment paper, this way you’ll protect it from grease and wahtever).

7. drizzle oil all over, i suggest a bit of oil for taste rather than frying, they’ll bake without oil, but it adds a tad of flavor

(i also used the feet, chopped them up and set them in the centre of the pan, circled by the other mushrooms, i used a round ceramic dish, seasoned and garnished wiht cheese).


Ingrediente (2 portii)

– 5 ciuperci mari

– 5 bucăţi mici de brânză sarata de capră

– 5 bucăţi mici de brânză Camembert

– 5 catei mici de usturoi

– 1 rosie mare feliata

– Sare, piper, ulei (unt funcţionează mult mai bine decat uleiul, numa ca eu n-am avutl)


setati cuptorul la 200 grade C

1. Spălaţi şi îndepărtaţi orice urme de murdărie de pe ciuperci, eu le-am spălat cu partea dura a buretelui de vase

2. scoate picioarusele rasucindu-le usor, pentru a evita ruperea interiorului ciupercii

3. în timp ce se usca, feliati restul ingredientelor

4. condimentati ciupercile pe toate laturile, utilizaţi sare mai puţina în cazul în care brânza dumneavoastră este mai sarata.

5. umpleti fiecare ciuperca cu o bucata mica de usturoi, brânză, si deasupra pe post de ‘capac’ o  felie de rosie

6. asezati-le într-o tava de copt, sau vas eramic, în funcţie de ce aveti

7. picurati-le cu ulei, mai mult pentru gust, de copt se vor coace si fara ulei

(eu am folosit, de asemenea, si piciorusele, taiate si inghesuite in mijlocul tavii, intre ciuperci).


Recipe adapted from Oh nuts blog, been meaning to pick something up from there for a while now. love the blog  @_@. I’ve never had anything called “rocky road” before, so it would’ve been wrong to call these “rocky road squares” or smth, they don’t mean anything here, anyway. recipe is easy, doesn’t require much time or many utensils. I’m really pleased with the results, the textures and taste (tho a tad too sweet) are amazing.


– 200 g milk chocolate (i used milka, any will do, but using good quality chocolate means tastier results)

– 35 g roasted almonds, coarsely chopped

– about 40 g of plain marshmallow

-about 40 g of strawberry flavoured marshmallows  (pink ones)


1. melt the chocolate on bain marie, 3-4 minutes, no more, and mix well, the chocolate should be melted and warm, but not too hot. keep it off the heat while you chop the other ingrediens

2. chop all marshmallows/nuts as evenly as possible

3. roast the almonds if not already roasted4. pour all marshmallows and almonds over the melted chocolate and then spread on  parchment paper, let it set in teh fridge for a few hours

5. take out of the fridge, slice it nicely and snap pictures, these things love the camera 😀