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I started craving for this a while ago, so i gave it ago eventually, but i think i used the wrong mushrooms because the taste wasn’t exactly as i imagined, even though i liked how it turned out.

I used:

– 250 g of white button mushrooms (champignon )

–  large piece of parsnip

– 50 g of butter

– 4 cloves of garlic

– 1 tiny onion

– 250 ml milk

– 400 ml vegetable stock

– 20 g flour

– a few strands of thyme, a bay leaf, salt and pepper. Additionally, i used some sourcream


1. Melt the butter, add garlic and onions sliced finely and saute for a few minutes

2. Add mushrooms and saute some more till they’re cooked through, add some of the stock and the parsnip then use blender or mixer to cream all the mushrooms and then add the rest of the stock.

3. Mix the flour withe milk and add to the soup, bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes, but not before you add the thyme and bay leaf if you like the flavors

4. season with salt and pepper to taste and serve.

at least it’s light >.>

Supa crema de ciuperci 

Din pacate nu o iesit cum imi imaginam, si cred ca o sa fac si cu altfel de ciuperci. Din fericire, o fost destul de buna oricum. Ii si relativ usoara calorie-wise.


– 250 g de ciuperci Champignon

– 1 radacina mare de păstârnac

– 50 g de unt

– 4 catei de usturoi

– 1 ceapa mica

– 250 ml lapte

– 400 ml de supa legume

– 20 g făină

– cateva fire de cimbru, o frunză de dafin, sare și piper. În plus, am folosit niște smanatana


1. Topiti untul, adaugati usturoiul și ceapa felii si caliti-le timp de câteva minute

2. Adaugati ciupercile si lasati-le la foc mic pana cand se inmoaie suficient pentru a le putea pasa cu mixerul (10-15 minute) apoi adaugati o parte din supa de legume si păstârnacul, pasati amestecul cu blenderul si adaugati restul de supa de legume.

3. Amestecati faina cu laptele rece si adaugati amestecul la crema de ciuperci, lasati amestecul sa fiarba aproximativ 10 minute, dar nu înainte de a adăuga cimbrul si frunza de dafin, dacă vă plac aromele.

4. se condimentează cu sare și piper după gust și se servește (cu smantana 😀 si crutoane daca aveti)


This is going to be a short one. It was on the menu last weekend along side those stuffed squashes and raspberry soufflé.


– 0.5 kg green beans

– 2 l water

– 1 onion

– 1 bell pepper

– 3 carrots

– tomato juice or chopped tomatoes, peeled or canned

and CELERY! most important of them all (root or leaves either work)

– sour cream + 10 g flour (optional)


1. wash all teh veggies, remove the tips from your green beans and break them in a few pieces

2. add the greenbeans, half a bell pepper, half teh onion, celery root or leaves and carrots to the water, season with salt and let them boil for half an hour (check for doneness and let if boil some more unless it’s done).

3. when done, add tomato juice, season wiht salt and pepper

4. heat some oil in a skillet, chop the other half of bell pepper and onion and slice them finely.

5. cook till onion becomes transparent, add the flour and a few tablespoons of water, remove from heat and mix well to avoid lumps.

6. pour over the soup and bring to a boil, let it boil for a few mins till the soup thickens, add sour cream to taste and serve.

For a light and easy version, just skip steps 4 and 5. you can still add sour cream or not, depends on your diet etc. Use the whole onion and bell pepper if you won’t be frying them in the end. I usually remove my whole vegs from teh pot once tehy’re boiled. but that’s just me, it’s a bad habit anyway. Enjoy!


– 0,5 kg fasole verde

– 2 l de apă

– 1 ceapa

– 1 ardei gras

– 3 morcovi

– Suc de rosii sau rosii taiate, decojite sau conservate

si telina! (radacina sau frunze)

– Smântână + 10 g de făină (opţional)


1. se spală toate legumele, indeparatati capetele de la fasole verde şi rupeti pastaii în câteva bucăţi

2. fasolea verde se pune la fiert cu o jumătate de ardei gras, jumatate de ceapa, radacina de telina frunze si morcovii, se condimentează cu sare şi se lasa la fiert o jumătate de oră (verificati daca sunt fierti si daac nu, mai lasaţi-i putin sa fiarba)

3. când se termina de fiert, se adauga sucul de rosii, sare şi piper

4. se încălzeşte puţin ulei într-o tigaie, se taie foarte fin cealaltă jumătate de ardei gras si ceapa

5. se gatesc pana ceapa devine transparenta, se adauga faina si cateva linguri de apă, apoi se iau de pe foc şi se amestecă bine pentru a evita cocolosii.

6. se toarna peste supa si se aduce la fierbere, se lasa sa fiarba cateva minute pana se ingroasa supa, se adauga smantana dupa gust si se serveste.

Pentru o versiune mai usoara, săriţi peste paşii 4 şi 5. puteţi adăuga încă smantana sau nu, depinde de dieta, etc. Utilizaţi ceapa intreaga si ardeiul gras, dacă nu le mai folositi la prajit. Eu arunc legumele pe care le-am pus sa fiarba intregi (ceapa/ardeiul) dupa ce se fierv, dar asta e un obicei prost oricum.


I de-podded peas all afternoon yesterday, mother’s own harvest. The “cherries on top” is just my frustration surfacing. De-podding takes patience, I am not a patient one when it comes to doing these kinda tasks. Anyway, after being done with all that de-podding, i fixed a nice creamy s0up today.


– 300 g green peas

– 2 carrots

– 1 yello pepper

– slice of celery

– 1 parsley root

– 1 onion

– 1 green onion

– 100 g smoked ham (optional)

– 1 l stock (i used hamhock stock)

– green parsley

– 150 ml sour cream

– 2 spoonfuls of flour

– salt, pepper, chilli flakes (other hebies, i didn’t add anything else)


Steamed the peas for 10 minutes using my strain over a pot of boiling water while the hamhock roasted/boiled in the oven *The hamhock boiled for about 2 h prior to the soup* Peas i’ve steamed for about 10 minutes, they were still quite crispy when i took ’em off the steam. I needed them under-done cuz they would need to boil a tad later in the soup.

Sliced the ham, onions and pepper and pan-fried them in a bit of oil while i grated the carrots, celery and parsley root.

Once the onion was transparent, i’ve added the above mix of vegs +1 cup of stock, left to simmer.

Tasted after 10 minutes to check for doneness and added the peas and bits of meat from the bone. Added rest of the stock and brought to a boil. They boiled for about 10 minutes while i prepared the creaming agent, i mean flour +sour cream+water.

I mixed the flour with a bit of water then added the sour cream and mixed well. Once no lumps were in sight, i poured the mixture over the soup and gave it a good stir. Left it boiling just a bit and took off the heat, added chopped parsley and green onions.

Ate mine with toast. Nom

no step by step pics, was in a rush, hungry and working.

Dearest cas, I’ve made soup thinking of you… twice. To me, soups are no brainers, you boil stuff in a pot and season the stock, keeping or throwing away the veggies. There are countless options. Most often I just use whatever I have in hand, and really prefer using lean meat like chicken or beef for flavour. Less flavour is edible too 😀

1. Beef soup with corn

I have no pictures for this one, except the above.

– you fry some beef in a pot, once it browns all over, you add the vegs (chopped carrots, celery, parsley roots, onion) fry quickly for 3-4 minutes, add salt and water.

Boil for about 15 minutes then add  peppers, chopped potatoes and corn, as they boil quicker than the others, and boil for another 15 minutes, checking for doen-ness. You might want your veggies to be just a tiny bit harder rather than soft, as they can become a huge mash. If that happens, just blend it all and add some cream, and turn it into CREAM SOUP.

Optional, for more flavour, you can add various (fresh or dry) herbs (like parsley and lovage, or celery leaves or dill) season to taste and serve, with/without sour cream, bread or lemon juice.

Now, you can omit mostly any of the above ingredients, and the taste of your soup will be slightly different but really good, same goes for proportions, and you won’t end up throwing away any.

For the flower pot soup, I used 5 medium sized carrots, 2 parsley roots, 2 medium sized potatoes, a small celery root, one large onion, half a green bell pepper, almost a whole can of corn and soem meat, plus a spoon of cooking oil for frying the meat. I’ve used celery leaves, lovage and parsley for extra flavour, salt and pepper.

See, i’m rather picky with the veggies in my soup, so basically, i like keeping the carrot and a few celery slices and have everything else (onions, peppers, celery, parsley roots) thrown out after they’ve boiled and left their flavour, because i hate the soft texture and sweet taste while eating. they’re also crowding my soup, but feel free to keep anything you fancy.

2. Beef soup with green beans

Same as above, just used different proportions for the veggies, and green beans instead of corn, no corn in hand.

3. Lentil soup

This was a real challenge at first, mostly because i had no veggies. I had a few carrots, the lentils, tomato sauce, onions and some bell pepper paste. I flavoured it with dry bay leaves, parsley and some lovage i think.

It tasted like crap after it started boiling, i was really worried it wouldn’t turn out okay, but the herbs did zee trick.

And that’s really all. ah right, i made some croutons to go with this, used old bread (you can use fresh if you like), seasoned with a store-bought mix of herbs (Mediterranean mix) sprinkled with olive oil and baked for 20 minutes in the oven at 190 degrees C. skip the herbs, just add soem oil and fry them in a pan, it will still taste awesome.

offtopic bonus: le sewing master’s wonderful bow-ties.

my herbz are growing so fast ^_____^

and this is why neil gaiman is cool


Parca reteta originala nu are smantana, si nici ardei, dar in rest, supa mea se incadreaza in categoria ‘a la grec’.

Ingrediente (pentru .. 6-8 portii) 

– carne de pui (eu am folosit o pulpa, aripa, gat)

– 3-4 morcovi

– pastarnac

– radacina patrunjel

– telina

– ardei rosu

– 2 cepe mai mici (una mare/rosie/alba indiferent)

– sare

– piper

– 100 g orez

– 3 galbenusuri

– 200 g smantana

-zeama de lamaie (eu am pus foarte putina, cat sa nu fie supa cah)


Am fiert carnea cam 1 h timp in care am pregatit zarzavatul, curatat legumele si feliat ce imi place mie sa gasesc in lingura cand mananc supa (morcovi, patrunjel si ardei). Am pus orezul la inmuiat (ar fi bine sa stea 30 minute macar ca se fierbe mult mai repede).

Eu am si spumat supa pe parcurs. Dupa ce s-o fiert am scos carnea, am pus legumele si am potrivit de sare lasand sa fiarba cam 10 minute apoi am pus si orezul. Am amestecat galbenusurile cu smantana si le-am lasat sa ajunga la temperatura camerei.

Dupa vreo 15 minute am gustat sa vad cat mai tre sa fiarba, sa nu se faca terci. Am mai lasat putin de tot, dar merge cu gustatu, ca eu nu am cronometrat. Dupa ce o fiert tot, am tras supa de pe foc si am turnat supa calda in amestecu de out+smantana. Dupa ce se incalzeste amestecu ala, l-am turnat pe tot in supa si GATA. Nu se mai fierbe dupa ce se amesteca cu galbenusurile si smantana, ca se taie.

couldn’t for the life of me snap a decent picture of this thing, tricky weather, tricky lighting and shitty setting, dar n-as vrea sa creada lumea ca traiesc doar cu prajituri.

… dupa reteta de la maica-mea. Si parca n-o iesit fix ca a ei.


– ciolan de vita/porc (eu am avut niste oase de porc)

– 1 ceapa

– 1 ardei verde

– morcovi

– telina

– pastarnac si radacina de patrunjel

– 2 l apa

– lamaie +smantana

– 400 g carne tocata de vita+porc 70%/30%

– 1 cana orez

– 1/2 oua

– sare si piper

Sper sa nu fi uitat ceva.


Am lasat oasele sa fiarba la foc mic cam o ora, spumand din cand in cand. Intre timp am razuit morcovii, patrunjelul, pastarnacul si telina si am amestecat carnea cu orezul spalat si ouala plus niste sare si piper.

Am scos oasele (dupa 1 h) si am pus legumele la fiert, ardeiul si ceapa intregi si restul chestiilor razuite. Dupa ce incepe sa clocoteasca iar, am pus bile de carne si orez, adica perisoarele. Le-am fiert pana o inceput sa pluteasca. Mie mi-o iesit foarte multe perisoare.

Am servit-o cu ardei iute, smantana si putina zeama de lamaie. Ii asa de clara pentru ca am lasat-o sa se raceasca si apoi am strans grasimea care se intareste pe deasupra. I do not liek fat.

Am avut postarea asta in drafturi de mult. Time to move on.

Am primit mai demult de la frate-meu niste plicuri de ramyun, aduse din Coreea, luate de pe Se face usor, are gust bun, ii relativ satioasa, depinde cati oameni mananca dintr-un plic. Noi am facut un plic cu 550 ml apa pentru doi. Mie imi place zeama mai mult decat taiteii, si mi-i pastrez la sfarsit.

Nu cred ca ii foarte sanatoasa supa avand in vedere ca primesti pe langa taitei si niste ceapa verde deshidratata, un plic cu legume deshidratate si combinate cu tot felu de condimente, probabil si ceva aditivi si coloranti. Trecand peste asta,  nu are after-taste si nici n-am observat sa ma deranjeze la stomac (foarte multe produse imi produc reflux gastroesofagian). Eu o sa-mi mai iau dar probabil n-o sa mananc in fiecare zi ca si in ultimele zile 😀

Ah da, asta pe care am primit-o ii suportabil de picanta, este si mai picanta.

Am fost foarte entuziasmata cand o sosit pachetu si i-am facut poze in timp ce desfaceam supa. Plus ca am primit mai mult decat ma ateptam 😀 multumesc