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Please don’t go googling for “douceur chocolat” because my cake will look pretty embarrassing :p

i got some of the calculations wrong when i put the recipe together and also used the wrong tools, ran out of the round disks, so i used a square paper plate and the cake took the shape of the plate, when i took the cake off the plate, it collapsed slightly :)) anyway, imma gonna move on to the recipe.

I couldn’t find a recipe online, i didn’t search properly, i’m sure. But i was able to improvize on the layers. I have no idea how the elements in the original cake were made, but here’s what i did.

1. base layer is a cocoa genoise

2. second layer is a hazelnut meringue (hazelnut dacquoise)

3. the filling that binded the two was a roasted hazelnut milk chocolate ganache, whipped.

4. on top of the dacquoise i smeared a mix of crispy hazelnut praline, feuilletine, caramelized sugar and milk chocolate ganache.

5. fifth layer was a dark chocolate mousse (that was actually a chocolate bavarian)

6. tempered dark chocolate +mousse and chocolate bits (this could’ve been done a lot better if i had enough time)

The issue with my time is i also have a full time job in need of my attention and thus, i’m almost always rushing everything because i have real work to do :))

cake layers


1. Cocoa genoise

– 2 eggs

– 50 g sugar

– 30 g flour

– 5 g high quality cocoa (20-21%fat)

– 10 g cornstarch


1. eggs+sugar set on bain marie (over a pot of simmering water) till the sugar disolves and egg mixture feels hot if you dip your pinkie in it. be careful not to scramble them.

2. whip till it holds a ribbon

3. sift the dry ingredients over the egg mixture (sifting helps incorporate a bit more air too). careful not to deflate the egg mixture.

4. pour the batter into a cake tin (i used a 24 cm one) and bake at 160 degrees C till the cake springs back into shape when pressed lightly on the top.

Let it rest at room temperature

2. Hazelnut Dacquoise

– 90 g egg whites (roughly 3 egg whites)

– 50 g granulated sugar

– 40 g powdered sugar

– 80 g roast and powdered hazelnuts

– 10 g cornstarch

1. egg whites +pinch of salt +few drops of lemon juice whipped till soft peaks

2. gradually add granulated sugar and whip till stiff peaks

3. blend the powdered sugar+hazlenuts+cornstarch in a food processor

4. fold the nut mix into the meringue and pipe on a baking tray lined wiht parchment paper,  bake at 100 degrees C for 1 h (or till it dries out)

3. Milk chocolate ganache

– 200 g milk chocolate

– 150 g heavy cream (35% fat)

– 50 g roasted hazlenuts, roughly chopped

Bring the heavy cream to a simmer, pour over chopped chocolate, let rest a bit, then mix well till it turns into a silky smooth cream, add hazelnuts, let it chill down (you don’t want this to split whne you whip it)

4. Feuilletine

– 35 g butter

– 35 g egg white

-35 g flour

– 35 g powdered sugar

Mix all together in a bowl till you get a smooth batter, spread it on the back of a baking pan lined with parchment paper (2 mm thick) and bake at 200 degrees C for 8-10 minutes till it turns a light shade of brown

Peel off the paper and let it cool (it’s going to turn really crispy when cold)

Mix the feuilletine and praline into the chocolate ganache.

5. dark chocolate mousse

– 130 ml heavy cream

– 3 egg yolks

– 20 g sugar

– 1 tonka bean

– 150 g dark chocolate

– 4 g gelatin

– 250-280 g whipped cream (i can’t recall exactly how much i’ve used :-s)

1. bring the heavy cream up to a boil, grate the tonka bean, let it steep for 10 minutes, bring it back to a simmer

2. mix the yolks with the sugar

3. soak the gelatin sheets in cold water

4. pour the cream over the yolk mixture to temper it a bit then set it back on the stove till it thickens up (stir constantly in an “S” shape to make sure the bottom doesn’t scald or the eggs curdle, keep stirring until the mixture thickens enough to fully coat the back of your spoon and is as smooth as silk,  it should reach a temperature of 68-72 degrees C ) remove from the heat and add the gelatin, mix well to disolve

5. pour the egg yolk mixture over the chocolate and mix well to obtain a sort of ganache, let it cool

6. whip the cream

7. when the chocolate/egg yolk mixture is cool enough, fold the whipped cream into it. the temperature needs to be right though, if the temperature on the chocolate is too high, your mousse will split, if the temperature is too low, the gelatin in the chcolate will set too quickly from the cold cream (it needs to be cold for whipping) and you’ll get weird chocolate clumps in your mousse.

8. let the mousse set in the fridge

For the tempered chocolate i used 100-150 g dark chocolate

Melted 3 thirds of it over a pot of simmering water, measured the temperature with a candy thermometer to 46 degrees C then remove it from the heat, add the rest of the chocolate and stirr constantly till it reaches 32 degrees C, remove what remains of the solid chunk of chocolate and spread the chocolate on a plastic sheet (not sure parchment paper will work the same).

I used a 20 cm cake ring to cut the chocolate into a round shape.


genoise at the base, i used a sugar syrup to brush over it, piped the chocolate ganache over it, topped it with the meringue, smeared the crispy chocolate praline over it, then i piped the chocolate mousse and topped it with the chocolate disk.

job done!

chocolate cake slice



chocolate thingie1

It was about time i got back in the game, and how else would i but with this chocolatey thing. [hm, just noticed that my cake is a bit sloppy looking at the bottom, meh, that was due to the chocolate wrapper being fussy].

The recipe might seem complicated  but it really isn’t. It’s composed of 5 “elements”: cocoa sponge cake, vanilla and almond bavarian cream, coffee mousse, strawberry jelly and chocolate creme brulee. Recipes are “adapted” from here. Luckily, i had a good idea of what i was going to make and only looked for technical guidance in teh recipes. Those cake pictures will make your stomach digest itself while scrolling around. I was most surprised by the complexity of the recipes and various flavor combinations, each more distinctive than the previous. just a heads up, i am likely to try and reproduce most of the recipes on Anda’s blog, i want to taste everything! 😀

Ingredients for the creme brulee

– 225 g heavy cream (30% fat)

– 225  g milk

-112 g dark chocolate

– 5 egg yolks

– 81 g sugar


1. milk +cream over low heat, once it bubbles on the edges, take it off heat, let it rest a bit while you mix the egg yolks with the sugar till foamy.

2. measure the cream after it’s been heated, add more to reach 450 g and then temper the yolk mixture with the warm milk and cream mixture then set it back on the stove and heat till it thickens up a tad, to coat the back of a spoon.

3. remove from the heat and let it rest a bit while you break down the chocolate.

4. pour the egg, cream and milk mixture over the chocolate, wait a bit then start mixing till it’s fully blended.

5. pour into a heatproof dish lined with aluminium foil and set it into another dish. add boiling water halfway up and let it sit in the oven at 160 degrees C for 40-45 minutes till it comes together, should still be jello like in the center. let it cool in the freezer.

Ingredients for the cocoa sponge cake 

-1 egg

– 80 g olive oil

– 70 g milk

– 100 g powdered sugar

– 135 g flour

– 30 g cocoa

– 6 g baking powder

– 5 egg whites

– 110 g brown sugar

– pinch of salt and few drops of lemon juice


1. egg+ olive oil+ milk lightly mixed together

2. powdered sugar + flour+cocoa+baking powder sifted over the wet mix and folded lightly

3. egg whites +brown sugar+salt and lemon juice mixed till stiff peaks, folded into the cocoa mixture

4. spread over a baking tray lined with parchment paper and baked for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees C.

5. take out of the oven and let it rest.

Ingredients for bavarian cream

– 120  g heavy cream (30% fat)

– 150 white chocolate

– 2 egg yolks +30 g sugar

– 3 gelatin sheets

– 300 g whipped cream

– 1/2 vanilla bean (both seeds and bean), 1 teaspoon almond extract  (Anda’s recipe uses tonka beans, i am yet to get my hands on that)


1. heat the heavy cream on low heat and add the vanilla bean, seeds scraped and mixed in too. let it steep for a bit

2. in the mean time, chop up the white chocolate and and mix teh egg yolks with the sugar.

3. strain the vanilla infused heavy cream and add more cream if needed to have 120 g. Place back on the stove and let it reach about 70 degrees C.

4. remove from the heat and let it sit for a bit then pour over the white chocolate, wait a bit then stir vigorously.

5. set the gelatin sheets in cold water and let it hydrate for a bit then drain and add to the chocolate mixture, make sure the chocolate mix is warm enough or your gelatin won’t dissolve. it’s important that it dissolves or else you fk up the entire thing 😀

6. whip the cream and fold into the white chocolate mixture. these should have similar temperatures. if the whipped cream is too cold, the gelatin in the white chocolate  mix will set and you’ll end up with a granulated texture for your bavarian cream.

cake closeup

Ingredients for the coffee mousse

– 1 egg yolk

– 50 g sugar

-100 g heavy cream (30% fat)

– 25 coffee beans (roughly crushed) and 2 teaspoons instant coffee OR 50 ml strong coffee

– 300 g whipped cream

– 3 sheets gelatin


This will have less sugar, as will the strawberry jelly, in order to balance the sweetness from the other stuff.

The steps are similar with the ones from the bavarian cream.

Make a coffee infused creme anglaise, add instant coffee, add hydrated gelatin and fold into the whipped cream.

Ingredients for the strawberry jelly

– 400 g strawberries

– 50 -70 g sugar (to taste)

– juice from half a lemon

– 4 tablespoons red wine (options) i used sweet marsala wine.

– 6-8 g gelatin


1. wash the strawberries and save some for decorating

2. chop them up, add lemon juice, sugar and wine and let them sit till some of the strawberry juice puddles up in the bowl (i left mine overnight).

3. after they’ve macerated, let them boil for a few minutes, i didn’t let mine reduce much, i wanted the jelly to maintain its colour.

4. let the gelatin hydrate in cold water then add to the strawberries.

5. let it cool close to room temperature before using or it will drip all over your cake.


Because i don’t have a proper cake ring, i used my baking tins for this part. I lined both cake tins with plastic film. I’ve assembled two round sponge cake layers on the bottom. i poured the bavarian cream in the first ring and the coffee mousse in teh second one. let them sit overnight but i’ve read that 3-4 h is enough.


i’ve poured half the strawberry jelly, still liquidish and lukewarm, over the bavarian cream and then topped it with the other cake part, cocoa sponge cake side down. poured the other half of the strawberry jello-to-be over the coffee mousse and topped with the creme brulee. Left it in the fridge to set before i tempered 300 g milk chocolate for the chocolate wrapper around the cake.

i’ve seen a video here of how that’s done. check it out.


Abia asteptam sa vina o zi de nastere sa pot sa-mi fac de cap. In ultimele zile am copt cat pentru toata saptamana si sper ca am reusit sa mai bucur niste oameni. Reteta poate părea complicata, dar de fapt nu este. Tortul este compus din 5 “elemente”: blat cu cacao,  cremă bavareză cu vanilie si migdale, mousse de cafea, jeleu de căpșuni și creme brulee. Rețetele is toate “adaptate” de aici.

Din fericire pentru mine, eu deja aveam o idee destul de clara asupra ceea ce urma sa fac si am imprumutat doar tehnicile si cantitatile. Daca ar fi trebuit sa ma inspir de-acolo, mi s-ar fi autodigerat stomacu inainte sa iau o decizie. toate deserturile si torturile arata apetisant si pe langa asat, combinatiile de arome mi se par complexe si diverse. mi-ar fi fost mult prea greu sa ma decid asupra unei singure chestii. ca si heads-up, cred ca o sa incep sa testez toate retetele pentru ca trebuie neaparat sa gust si eu deliciile de pe blogul lui Anda.

Ingrediente pentru crema Brulee

– 225 g de smântână pentru gatit(30% grăsime)

– 225 g de lapte

-112  ciocolata neagra

– 5 gălbenușuri

– 81 g de zahăr


1. lapte + smantana pe foc la mic pana ce se formeaza mici bule pe marginea oalei. (amestecul poate fi infuzat cu diverse chestii eu nu am avut nimci). intre timp, se amestecă gălbenușurile de ou cu zahărul până se deschid la culoare.

2. lapte si smanta se iau de pe foc si se lasa la racit putin, se completeaza cu smantana daca este nevoie pentru a avea 450 g lichid, apoi se toarna in fir subtire peste amestecul de gălbenușuri.

3. crema de galbenusuri se toarnă peste ciocolata, se lasa putin apoi se amesteca pana cand se omogenizeaza complet.

4. se toarnă într-un vas termorezistent căptușit cu folie de aluminiu. acesta se pune într-un alt vas in care se adauga apa clocotita pana la jumatatea vasului cu crema de oua si ciocolata. se lasa in cuptor la 160 grade C timp de 40-45 minute pana se incheaga dar mijlocul este inca putin gelatinos. se lasa la racit si apoi se pune in frigider.

Ingrediente pentru blatul cu cacao

-1 ou

– 80 g ulei de măsline

– 70 g de lapte

– 100 g de zahăr pudră

– 135 g făină

– 30 g cacao

– 6 g praf de copt

– 5 albușuri de ou

– 110 g de zahăr brun

– Vârf de cuțit de sare si cateva picaturi de suc de lamaie


1. ou + ulei + lapte se amesteca usor (partea umeda)

2. zahărul pudră + făina + cacaoa + praful de copt se cern impreuna si se amesteca cu partea umeda, atentie, nu amestecati prea mult

3. albușuri de ou + zahar brun + sare si suc de lamaie se bat la viteza medie mare pana se formeaza varfuri rigide apoi se toarna peste amestecul de cacao.

4. compozitia se imprastie intr-o tava cu hartie pergament si se coace 15-20 de minute la 180 de grade C.

5. se scoate din cuptor și se lasa sa se raceasca

Ingrediente pentru cremă bavareză

– 120 g smantana (30% grăsime)

– 150 ciocolată albă

– 2 galbenusuri de ou 30 g de zahăr

– 3 foi gelatină

– 300 g frisca

– 1/2 baton de vanilie (ambele semințe și pastaia), 1 lingurita extract de migdale (reteta lui Anda contine boabe de tonka, eu inca n-am asa ceva)


1. smantana se amesteca cu semitnele de vanilie si teaca si se da in clocot apoi se lasa la infuzat. la sfarsit se adauga esenta de migdale

2. între timp, se ciopârțeste ciocolata albă și se amestecă galbenusurile de ou cu zahăr pana se dechis la culoare si devin spumoase

3. se strecoara crema de vanilie infuzat grele și se adaugă smântână mai mult, daca este necesar de a avea 120 g.. Așezați din nou pe aragaz și lăsați-l să ajungă la aproximativ 70 de grade C.

4. scoate din căldură și lăsați-l să stea pentru un pic, apoi se toarna peste ciocolata alba, așteptați un pic, apoi se amestecă energic.

5. a stabilit foi gelatina în apă rece și lăsați-l hidrat de un pic, apoi se scurge și se adaugă la amestecul de ciocolata, asigurați-vă că se amestecă ciocolata este destul de cald sau gelatină nu se va dizolva. este important ca acesta se dizolvă sau altceva FK sus întregul lucru: D

6. biciui și smântână ori în amestecul de ciocolată albă. acestea ar trebui să aibă temperaturi similare. daca frisca este prea rece, gelatina în amestecul de ciocolată albă va stabili și veți termina cu o textură granulată pentru crema ta bavarez.

Ingrediente pentru spuma de cafea

– 1 galbenus de ou

– 50 g de zahăr

-100 g smantana (30% grăsime)

– 25 boabe de cafea (zdrobite) si 2 lingurite de cafea instant sau 50 ml cafea tare

– 300 g frisca batuta

– 3 foi gelatină


Aceasta spuma va avea mai putin zahar, la fel ca si jeleu de capsuni, pentru a balansa putin dulceata din celelalte straturi

Pașii sunt similare cu cele de la crema bavarez.

Faceti o cafea infuzat crema Anglaise, adăugați cafea instant, adauga gelatina si hidratat ori în frișcă.

Ingrediente pentru jeleul de capsuni

– 400 g căpșuni

– 50 -70 g de zahăr (după gust)

– Sucul de la o jumatate de lamaie

– 4 linguri de vin rosu (optional)

– 6-8 g gelatina


1. spală căpșunile și se pun cateva deoparte pentru decorare

2. se feliaza si se lasa cu zahar, zeama de lamaie si vin la macerat peste noapte (daca se poate) daca nu, pana lasa putina zeama.

3. dupa macerare se pun pe foc si se lasa sa dea un clocot, eu nu le-am lasat sa scada prea tare si am vrut si sa-si mentina cat de cat culoarea.

4. am lasat gelatina la hidratat apoi am adaugat-o capsunilor si am amestecat (nu tre sa fiarba).

5. se lasa la racit inainte de-a se folosi, dar nu prea tare ca sa nu se intareasca.


Tortul are la final 7 straturi, blat cacao, crema bavareza, jeleu de capsuni, blat cacao, spuma de cafea, jeleu de capsuni, creme brulee.

Ca sa imi fie mai usor si mai rapid, eu am folosit doua forme de tort cu inel detasabil (tapetate cu folie de plastic) pentru a pregati un blat + crema bavareza si celalalt blat (ambele decupate din blatul initial) + spuma de cafea. Le-am lasat sa stea peste noapte, dar am citit că este destul de 3-4 ore.

Am turnat jumătate din jeleul de capsuni, inca liquidish și călduț, peste crema bavareza si apoi am pus celalalt blat deasupra cu crema de cafea. Peste crema de cafea am pus restul de jeleu si am rasturnat peste creme brulee-ul care in cazul meu s-ar rupt in trei :(.

Am lasat totul la frigider cat mi-am pregatit infvelisul de ciocolata. Eu am folosit ciocolata cu lapte. Am temperat-o si apoi am intins-o pe hartie de copt pe care am lipit-o de blaturi apoi l-am bagat la frigider. Dupa 10-15 minute l-am scos si am dezlipit ciocolata.

Am văzut un videoclip cu un mod de-a face asta aici.

chocolate thingie

snowflake cake

This has been a horror to work with. Meringue used as frosting is sticky, dries up a bit too quickly and isn’t as foamy as i hoped :)). in my opinion though, beats the shit out of buttercream, whipped cream or anything fatty. It’s a nice change in terms of taste too. I didn’t find anything useful online about using meringue for frosting cakes, but i remember mom making something similar on an orange cake when i was young. There was a thread on about making meringue flowers and other decorations which came in handy.

It all started with a bit of planning, i wanted chocolate layers covered with a light shade of filling. Initially i wanted a dark forest cake but i don’t fancy sour fruit in cakes and well, i refrained. But inspiration came from here. It was supposed to be covered with chocolate decorations like those, but i was out of chocolate and it started snowing last night, so … meringue snowflakes it was.

Imagine the inside has three dark, moist and rich chocolate layers, one feathery light cinnamon and orange whipped cream layer and one thin vanilla mascarpone mousse layer.

snowflake cake 2

Chocolate cake layers – can be baked separately or as a whole cake and sliced afterwards

Ingredients (for 3 layers -22 cm wide)

– 170 g butter

– 300 g brown sugar

– 3 eggs

– 525 g flour

– 50 g dark cocoa

– 3 tbsp baking powder

– 1 tbsp baking soda

– 1 tbsp salt

– 300 g yogurt (the fatter the better)

– 30 ml water (milk)

– 3 tbsp instant coffee powder 😀


There will be a wet mix and a dry mix.

Butter + sugar, eggs, yogurt+water, instant coffee powder = wet part

Flour, cocoa, salt, baking soda and baking powder = dry mix

1. Cream butter and sugar together, add eggs one at a time and then the coffee powder. Mix yogurt with water (or milk) and add to the wet mix

2. Sift the dry ingredients together and slowly fold into the wet mix till just combined, don’t over-mix, gluten shouldn’t start developing.

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 25-30 mins if you chose to bake the layers separately or for 45-50 minutes if you chose to bake a whole cake and slice it afterwards. To check for doneness, toothpick must come out clean, the top must spring back up if pressed lightly.

snowflake cake3

1st filling, chocolate flavoured whipped cream

I used a mix of about 100 g of chocolate (milk, cinnamon and orange flavored) and 300 ml of cream (26% fat). Chocolate +cream set on the stove on low heat for about 5 minutes till the chocolate melts and dissolves into the cream, it only needs to reach the point where chocolate melts. Once blended together, they have to chill. I suggest refrigerator for a couple of hours. Once cold, it’s ready to be whipped. It’s going to take a bit longer than it usually takes cream to become foamy, but don’t lose hope, it will happen.

2nd filling, vanilla flavored mascarpone 

250 g of mascarpone cheese mixed with 50 g of powdered sugar and the seeds from one vanilla pod. If you’re lacking that, i think vanilla extract is acceptable too, but the flavor will differ, also, it might influence the texture just a bit.

And finally, the egg white frosting.


– 120 g of egg whites  (4 egg whites)

– 250 g of sugar

– pinch of sugar

– few drops of lemon juice


Ideally, it should go like this:

1. Whip the egg whites on medium speed on bain-marie for about 15-20 minutes on low heat till a thick layer of meringue forms on the edges of your bowl.

2. Once done, remove the bowl from the pot and heat and use immediately as it dries up quickly, also, lumps tend to form because the bowl is still hot and there’s a risk of curdling in the egg whites.

What happened to me was that the metallic bowl i used expanded from the heat and i couldn’t remove it from the pot, and i had to remove all the gooey frosting when i realized there was no way i could remove it before it got cold, and then a huge mess unraveled.

I saved a spoonful of meringue, blended some blue coloring in it and tried to draw those poor snowflakes on it.

snowflake cake1

home sweet home

… ahem, I just finished “decorating” my first fondant cake. Firsts are such a thrill ^_^

I had no idea, yet again, how long it would take to finish up all the details which is why it looks like it’s missing something :)) specially those snowflakes i meant to draw on the sides, and the base ribbon and i just noticed mister penguin’s scarf is broken. Anyway, I am very happy with the fondant recipe i used, see details here. thanks andie!

What i plan on doing differently next time is make the gdamn figurines ahead, fondant dries up quickly. Also, will use surgical gloves, my hands look like htey’ve been at war.

penguin cake mix

The cake is a simple sponge cake with toasted walnuts, almonds and some peanuts filled with vanilla cream and a dash of caramel sauce.  What do you wish ppl who just moved into a new home? 😀 Happy home-ing!

penguins closeup2

layered vanilla cake

It’s snowing! been waiting for snow since March when the last of it melted. SNOW IS AWESOME and distracting. This time of year is overwhelming. so much to enjoy ^_^

speaking of which, I have been distracted lately, tried to busy myself with a bunch of things. I’m too ashamed to reveal the last book i’m reading, but it’s been keeping me very… involved 😀

I have pics of various desserts piling up and would like to share them before they get too old and i too lazy.

I’ll start with something easy.

This particular cake is made of  sponge cake, vanilla filling, caramel sauce and swiss meringue buttercream. It’s a tiny one, for two 🙂

Ingredients (15 cm wide)

Sponge cake

– 4 eggs

– 100 g sugar

– 80 g flour

– 1 teaspoon baking powder

– salt

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice

– vanilla extract

Caramel sauce

– 100 g sugar

– 32 g butter (i used 82% fat )

– 100 ml heavy cream (35% fat)

caramel stepsies

Vanilla cream (pastry cream+mascarpone cheese+whipped cream)

– 1 egg yolk

– 100 g sugar (20 g caste sugar for the pastry cream+80 g powdered sugar for the whipped cream)

– 2 teaspoons of flour (about 5 g)

– 80 ml milk

– 100 g mascarpone cheese

– 100 ml whipped cream

Swiss meringue buttercream

– 1 egg white

– 40 g sugar

– 65 g butter (i used 82% fat)

– pinch of salt


for the sponge cake, Set the oven at 170 degrees C.

1. Separate the eggs, reserve the yolks for later

2. Start mixing the egg whites, salt and few drops of lemon juice, till they become foamy, then gradually add sugar and mix for another 8-10 minutes till stiff peaks form.

3. Mix the yolks with some vanilla extract and a spoon of water, pour over the egg whites.

4. Baking powder+lemon juice add  to egg whites

5. Fold all of them carefully and start adding the flour making sure you don’t deflate the whites too much. Once all ingredients are incorporated, pour the batter in the baking pan lined with parchment paper and bake for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, move over to the caramel sauce and pastry cream

Caramel sauce is easy. Caramelize the sugar in a pan, over low heat, careful not to burn it. Let it become amber. Add the butter and mix well. Once incorporated, add the heavy cream and remove from heat stirring continuously, the whole thing will cook from the residual heat trapped in the sugar. You’ll see the sauce thicken once it cools down.

Pastry cream  is also easy. Mix egg yolk+20 g sugar+flour till foamy while the milk comes to a boil. Pour the milk slowly over the egg yolk mixture and mix well, then set back on the stove stirring continuously to avoid lumps. Once it starts boiling, boil for about 3 minutes to thicken up completely, cover with plastic film to avoid skin formation, let cool.

Whip the cream till soft peaks form (incorporate the powdered sugar halfway through) i think i whipped mine a  bit more, it didn’t curdle, it was just fine, but it was cool from the fridge.

Once the pastry cream is cooled, fold in the mascarpone cheese (room temperature), and then slowly fold in the whipped cream.

Swiss meringue buttercream

1. Egg white +sugar over bain marie on low heat for about 3-4 minutes till the sugar dissolves

2. Remove from heat and mix for about 10 minutes till they foam up and become glossy and stiff peaks form, they meringue should be cool by now.

3. Gradually add the room temperature butter, one piece at a time.

Use right away, or keep at room temperature till ready to use if that’s in the next hour or so.

I left mine in the fridge for about half an hour, completely forgetting the butter will firm up, and make it impossible to work with.


1. Slice the cake in three equal layers

2. Soak the first layer if you like, i used a some syrup made of caramelized sugar, vanilla extract and water.  Add a third of the filling and spread evenly then pour some caramel sauce over the cream and top with the next cake layer. Repeat with the third one.

3. Use the last third of the filling to cover the whole cake with. You could make more swiss meringue buttercream for this part, it’s up to you.

4. I used a star tip for the “decorations.” I kinda had soemthign else in mind, but i used the tip for the first time so anyway. it turned out… decent.

layered vanilla cake 1

Acest tort este alcatuit din blat simplu, crema de vanilie cu mascarpone si frisca,  sos caramel si crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana.  Un tort mic pentru doi 🙂


pentru blat

– 4 oua

– 100 g de zahăr

– 80 g făină

– 1 lingurita praf de copt

– sare

– 1 lingurita de suc de lamaie

– extract de vanilie

Sos caramel

– 100 g de zahăr

– 32 g unt (eu am folosit cu 82% grăsime)

– 100 ml smantana neindulcita pentru frisca (35% grăsime)

Crema de vanilie (cremă de patiserie + branza mascarpone+ frisca)

– 1 galbenus de ou

– 100 g de zahăr (20 g zahăr cristalizat pentru crema de patiserie + 80 g de zahăr pudră pentru frisca)

– 2 lingurite de faina (aproximativ 5 g)

– 80 ml de lapte

– 100 g branza mascarpone

– 100 ml frisca

Crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana

– 1 albus de ou

– 40 g de zahăr

– 65 g unt (eu am folosit cu 82% grăsime)

– vârf de cuțit de sare


pentru blat, Setați cuptorul la 170 de grade C.

1. Separați ouăle, puneti galbenusurile deoparte
2. Amestecati albușurile de ou cu putina sare si cateva picaturi de suc de lamaie, pana devin spumoase, apoi adaugati treptat zaharul si amestecati inca 8-10 minute pana stau batz.

3. Amestecati galbenusurile cu putina esenta de vanilie și o lingură de apă, apoi turnati peste albușurile de ou.

4. Praf de copt + suc de lamaie se amesteca si se adaugă la albușuri

5. Amestecati toate acestea cu atenție și începeti să adăugați făina in ploaie amestecand incet. După ce toate ingredientele sunt încorporate, se toarnă aluatul în tava de copt căptușita cu hârtie pergament și se coace timp de aproximativ 30 de minute.

Între timp, se poate prepara sosul caramel, crema de vanilie si frisca.

caramel sauce

Sosul de caramel este ușor. Se caramelizeaza zahărul într-o tigaie, la foc mic, aveți grijă să nu se ardă. Se lasa pana devine aramiu (lol, ARAMIU!!!) sau de culoarea chihlimbarului :)). Se adauga untul si se amesteca bine. Odată încorporat, adăugați frisca lichida si stingeti focul amestecand pana la uniformizarea sosului. O sa mai bolboroseasca putin de la caldura reziduala din zahar. Veți vedea cum se ingroasa dupa ce se raceste.

Crema de patiserie este de asemenea ușor de facut. Gălbenușul+ 20 g de zahăr + faina se amesteca pana devin spuma in timp ce laptele ajunge la punctul de fierbere apoi se toarnă încet peste amestecul de ou se amestecă bine. Se pune iar pe foc amestecand continuu pentru a preveni formarea cocoloaselor. Dupa ce da in clocot se mai tine 3 minute apoi se stinge focul, se acopera cu folie de plastic si se lasa la rece.

Frisca (tre sa fie foarte rece) se bate pana se formeaza varfuri moi, undeva la jumatatea timpului de amsetecare se adauga si zaharul pudra.

Odată ce crema de patiserie s-a racit, se adauga brânză mascarpone (temperatura camerei), și apoi si frisca.

Crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana

1. Albusul + zahăr se amesteca peste bain marie la foc mic timp de aproximativ 3-4 minute până se dizolvă zahărul
2. Se ia de pe foc si se mixeaza timp de aproximativ 10 minute pana se raceste si devine o spuma lucioasa.

3. Se adaugă treptat untul la temperatura camerei, cate o bucatica amestecand bine dupa fiecare bucata.

Se utilizeaza cat mai curand dupa ce este facuta sau pastrata la temperatura camerei daca urmeaza s-o folositi in urmatoarea ora or so, altfel daca o lasati la frigider se intareste si devine imposibil de manevrat.

Eu am tinut vasul cu crema intr-un bol cu apa calda dupa ce am lasat-o din greseala in frigider juma de ora.


1. Se feliaza blatul în trei straturi egale

2. Se însiropeaza primul strat, dacă doriți, eu am folosit un sirop din zahar caramelizat stins cu apa si esenta de vanilie. Adăugați o treime din umplutura și distribuiti uniform apoi se turnati sos caramel din belsug acoperind cu urmatoarea felie de blat.  Repetati cu inca o treime din umplutura si sos de caramel.

3. Utilizați ultima treime a cremei pentru a acoperi tortul în intregime. Se poate face mai multa crema de unt cu bezea elvetiana pentru a imbraca tortul, este optiunea dumneavoastra.

4. Eu am folosit un varf in forma de stea, aveam alt model in minte, dar folosindu-l pentru prima data, n-am prea stiut la ce sa ma astept. A iesit decent oricum.

layered vanilla cake closeup

A while ago, i baked a cake for my friend’s birthday: pavlova with seasonal fruit (no pictures). Though simple, someone at the party really liked it and wanted a similar cake for their own birthday last Sunday. I took the liberty to improve the recipe a tad, more like forced my wish upon the receiver as i told them i wanna experiment a bit and won’t take no for an answer 😀 i’m really glad i did, it was an inspired choice of ingredients. I’m also glad people tend to trust me when it comes to these things. It makes me feel more confident about it too.


for the meringue layers

– 8 egg whites

– 400 g sugar

– pinch of salt

– few drops of lemon juice

for the vanilla mascarpone mousse filling

– 3 egg yolks

– 150 g sugar

– 1/2 vanilla bean or vanilla extract (i strongly insist that vanilla bean is used)

– 250 g mascarpone cheese

– 200 ml heavy cream (Dorna UHT cream 35%)


– 300 g fresh raspberries

– 300 ml heavy cream (Hulala)


The meringue layers take about 60 to 120 minutes to bake depending on size and thickness (more like dry out than bake)

1. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees C or 80 degrees C with ventilation.

2. Place egg whites, salt and lemon juice into a mixing bowl and mix for about 4-5 minutes on medium speed until soft peaks form

3. Gradually add granulated sugar, one tablespoon at a time, when done, increase the mixer speed a tad

4. Keep mixing till stiff peaks form, mine took took about 8-9 minutes

5. Draw two circles (25 cm diameter) on the parchment paper (i used two baking trays)

6. Pour half the meringue down on the  first parchment paper sheet and start spreading it from the middle to the edges shaping it into a circle. Repeat for the remaining meringue. you can use a piping bag to pipe the meringues, or pipe tiny little nests, it’s up to you.

7. Bake the two meringue layers for at least 60 minutes at 100 degrees C. I have a separate thermometer to measure the temperature in my oven in order to make sure it’s accurate. in this case, it’s important that the meringue layers dry out and maintain their white-ish color than browning a bit from the heat.

8. Turn the heat off and leave the meringues to cool off in the oven for at least 1 h (if you can). i left mine overnight. handle wiht care, tehy’re crispy and fragile, will crack easily.

Vanilla mascarpone mousse

1. in bowl set over a pot of boiling water (bain-marie) mix the egg yolks, vanilla bean seeds and sugar till foamy, stir from time to time for 10-15 minutes till they thicken a bit

2. Let cool before using otherwise you risk melting the mascarpone and i don’t know how you can mend that (i’ve never done it, can’t tell you what happens).

3. Use room temperature mascarpone cheese (it’s easier to work with, will be easier to mix) and gently fold it into the egg yolk mixture, don’t over-mix it, you don’t wanna ruin its texture.

4. Whip the whipping cream and fold into the mascarpone-egg yolk cream, also carefully, you want to “aerate” it, make it lighter, not turn into a flabby pudding like thing.

Notice how i didn’t use much sugar, the whipping cream has none in it, mostly because the meringues have waaaaay too much.


1. Whip the remaining cream (hulala)

2. Wash the raspberries carefully not to break them, so they won’t stain your cream after decoration, set on a paper towel to drain/dry

3. What i did for aesthetic purposes only, was to pipe a row of cream on the first meringue layer so that the vanilla mousse would be contained and won’t drip around. it needs to set in the fridge first. lack of time didn’t allow my cake to set much. anywya

4. spread the vanilla cream inside the circle, topped it with the next layer of meringue and piped a bunch of little .. blobs of cream like a sort of spiral. then i spread the raspberries around and dusted them with sugar.

I used the scraps to assemble a cup of goodies for myself. i liked it too and so did the birthday girl ^_^

Now back to romanian


pentru straturile de bezea

– 8 albusuri

– 400 g de zahăr

– Vârf de cuțit de sare

– Cateva picaturi de suc de lamaie

Pentru spuma de mascarpone cu vanilie

– 3 gălbenușuri de ou

– 150 g de zahăr

– 1/2 de pastaiede vanilie sau extract de vanilie (recomand sa folositi pastaie de vanilie)

– 250 g branza mascarpone

– 200 ml smantana (Dorna UHT cremă 35%)

Suplimentar (pentru decorat si echilibrarea gusturilor)

– 300 g zmeură proaspătă

– 300 ml smantana (Hulala)



1. Se incalzeste cuptorul la 100 de grade C.

2. Albușurile de ou cu sarea si sucul de lamaie se mixeaza intr-un bol aproximativ 4-5 minute la viteza medie până se formeaza vârfuri moi

3. Se adaugă treptat zahărul tos, cu o lingura la un moment dat, apoi se crește viteza mixerului cu o treapta doua

4. Continuati sa bateti până la formarea de vârfuri rigide, mie mi-a luat a luat aproximativ 8-9 minute

5. Desenați două cercuri (25 cm diametru) pe hârtie pergament (eu am folosit două tăvi de coacere)

6. Se toarnă jumătate din spuma de albusuri pe prima foaie de hârtie și se răspândeste de la mijloc spre marginile cercului desenat modelandu-l l într-un cerc. Repetați pentru restul de bezea

7. Coaceți cele două straturi de bezea pentru aproximativ 60-120 minute la 100 grade C. Am un termometru separat pentru a măsura temperatura in cuptor meu, cu scopul de a ma asigura că este corectă. în acest caz, este important ca straturile bezea sa se usuce și să isi mențină culoarea nu sa se ingalbeneasca de la caldura

8. dupa 60-120 minute se opreste cuptorul și se lasă bezelele inauntru pentru a se răcori timp de cel puțin 1 oră (daca aveti de ales). Eu le-am lasat peste noapte.  A se lucra cu grija cu ele deoarece se crapa foarte usor

Spuma de mascarpone cu vanilie

1. intr-un vas pus peste o oală cu apă clocotită (bain-marie) se amestecă gălbenușurile de ou, semintele de vanilie si zahărul până devin  o crema spumoasa, si se amestecă din cand în cand timp de 10-15 minute până se ingroasa putin

2. se lasa la racit complet inainte de-a incorpora branza mascarpone altfel riscați topirea branzei si nu am idee cum se mai poate drege.

3. folositi branza mascarpone la temperatura camerei si incorporati-o ușor în amestecul de gălbenuș de ou, cu grija, miscari de sus in jos pentru a nu strica textura branzei

4. incorporati si frisca Dorna mixata in prealabil si eventual tinuta la frigider cu aceeasi grija si miscari ca la mascarpone, aceasta are scopul de-a “aera” crema, nu de-a o fluidiza

Nu am vrut sa folosesc prea mult zahar, frisca nu are deloc in ea, dar compenzeaza bezelele care au oricum prea mult.


1. bateti restul de frisca (Hulala)

2. spalati cu grijă zmeura pentru a nu se rupe si sa pateze crema dupa decorare, lasati-o la uscat/stors pe un prosop de hartie

3. ceea ce am făcut pentru scopuri estetice doar, a fost de a sprita un rând de frisca pe primul strat de bezea, ca un fel de baraj pentru crema de vanilie, sa nu picure cumva pe margini. are nevoie de cateva ore de frigider pentru a se intari pana sa-si mentina forma

4. imprastiati restul de crema de vanilie in interiorul cercului de frisca, acoperiti cu următorul strat de bezea și decorati in voie.

Eu am mai spritat niste motzi peste care am pus zmeura (inspiring, i know:))) si am pudrat tot cu zahar pudra, doar pentru aspect.

I present you: Sachertorte meets Rigo Jancsi meets mascarpone mousse and milk chocolate.  My friend challenged me to prepare something that not only tastes good but is also pretty looking. I think i did a good job compared to my previous works.

day 1: baked it. day 2: made the chocolate flavored filling, day 3: sliced it, assembled it and glazed it, day 4: snapped pictures.

Cake ingredients (adapted from here for a 15 cm pan, actually pot, i don’t own such a tiny baking pan yet)

  • 60 g butter
  • 60 g granulated sugar
  • 110 g chocolate (melted – i used a mix of left over chocolate/s i had around the house)
  • 3 eggs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Salt
  • 51 g granulated sugar
  • 70 g cake flour


1. Melt the chocolate on bain marie  (microwave or on direct heat can work too if you’ve done it before, careful not to burn it tho)

2. sift the flour

3. cream the butter+ (60g) sugar (i powdered mine)

4. add the melted chocolate to the buttercream

5. separate the eggs, and add the egg yolks one at a time over the chocolate-buttercream, set aside

6. whisk the egg whites till soft peaks form, add sugar, keep whisking till stiffer peaks form, not too stiff, not enough sugar for that.

7. “Using a rubber spatula, alternate folding in the flour with the meringue in about 4 or 6 additions. Begin with the flour and end with the meringue.”

8. Bake at 165 ºC  for 40-50 mins, till a toothpick comes out clean. Mine baked in about 45 mins

9. Let cool on a wire rack.



– 200 ml cream

– 100 g milk chocolate

– 100 g mascarpone cheese


1. Heat the cream in pot till tiny bubbles start forming on the sides.

2. Set aside and mix the chocolate in stirring continuously till it melts and blends with the cream, if any pieces prove resistant, heat the cream again. Once done, let it cool in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours before whipping.

3. 4 hours later, whip it, mix the mascarpone cheese in.

For the syrup:

I used a mix of coffee and home made vanilla extract to soak the cake layers, feel free to use any kind of syrup you like. Mine didn’t turn out great, i thought i had used too much and i’d get a drippy cake, when in fact it was a bit dryer than i wanted. i imagined it perfect and it wasn’t 😀

For the ganache

– 100 g chocolate

– 50 ml cream

– 10 g butter

Heat the cream till it bubbles, drop the chocolate in the middle and start mixing it from the centre towards the edges till it becomes creamy, drop the butter and mix some more. To be used as soon as possible as it hardens quickly. Best to make once the cake is assembled already.


Slice the cake in three equal sides, soak the first one and then add 45% of the filling, top with the second slice, soak it well and add the other almost half the filling evening it out nicely. Top it and soak it as per previously described. Spread the remaining 10% of the filling on the top. Let cool in the fridge for 10 minutes before making the ganache and spreading it over the cake.

I decorated this one using chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate shavings.

/romanian mode on

Trecand peste introducere, am combinat doua retete testate deja in incercarea de a crea ceva nou, Sachertorte si Rigo Jancsi.

Ingrediente blat tort

– 60 g unt
– 60 g zahăr tos
– 110 g ciocolata (topita)
– 3 oua
– esenta de vanilie
– Sare
– 51 g zahăr tos
– 70 g făină tort


1. topiți ciocolata la bain marie (sau cuptor cu microunde sau direct pe foc dacă ați mai făcut-o înainte, aveți grijă să nu se ardă tho)

2. cerneti faina

3. amestecati untul+zaharul (60 g) pana devin crema

4. adaugati ciocolata topita peste crema de unt

5. apoi separati ouale, si adaugati galbenusurile unul cate unul peste crema de ciocolata

6. bateti albusurile pana se formeaza varfuri moi apoi adaugati zaharul treptat si mixati pana se mai intareste putin (nu este suficient zahar ca se bata pana sta spuma batz).

7. folosind o spatulă de cauciuc sau o lingura de lemn, amestecati făina cu spuma de albusuri peste crema de ciocolata în aproximativ 4 sau 6 ture. Începeți cu făină și încheiati cu spuma de albusuri.

8. Coaceți la 165 º C pentru 40-50 de minute, până cand scobitoarea iese curata. Blatul meu s-a copt în aproximativ 45 minute

9. Lasati-l la racit complet inainte sa-l feliati, se fac firmituri mai putine astfel.



– 200 ml smântână pentru frisca

– 100 g ciocolată cu lapte

– 100 g branza mascarpone


1. Incalziti smantana dulce intr-o oala pana incep sa se formeze bule mici pe margini.

2. Luati de pe foc si adaugati ciocolata amestecand continuu pana se dizolva complet apoi lasati vasul la frigider cel putin 3-4 h inainte s-o bateti.

3. 4 ore mai târziu, mixati frisca normal, o sa dureze putin mai mult (nu stiu de ce, se poate sa fie doar o impresie de-a mea)

4. dupa ce-ati batut frisca cu ciocolata, incorporati branza mascarpone lasata la temperatura camerei

5. crema astfel obtinuta se poate tine la frigider pana in momentul umplerii

Pentru sirop:

Am folosit un mix de cafea și esenta de vanilie facuta in casa dar nu ezitați să utilizați orice fel de sirop va place.

Pentru glazura

– 100 g ciocolată

– 50 ml smântână pentru frisca

– 10 g unt

Se încălzește frisca până când face bule pe margini, adaugati ciocolata in centrul vasului si amestecati energic pana la obtinerea unui amestec cremos (30 secunde). Luati amestecul de pe foc si adaugati untul, amestecati. A se folosi cat mai repede. Cel mai bine dupa ce ati asamblat deja tortul.


Feliati tortul în trei părți egale, insiropati prima parte și apoi adaugati 45% din crema. Se acopera cu urmatorul strat care se insiropeaza apoi se acopra cu inca 45% din crema. Restul de 10% ii de adaugat deasupra, pentru a nivela suprata inainte de glazurare.

se poate decora in multe feluri, eu am improvizat cu aschii de ciocolata si capsuni.