A while ago, i baked a cake for my friend’s birthday: pavlova with seasonal fruit (no pictures). Though simple, someone at the party really liked it and wanted a similar cake for their own birthday last Sunday. I took the liberty to improve the recipe a tad, more like forced my wish upon the receiver as i told them i wanna experiment a bit and won’t take no for an answer 😀 i’m really glad i did, it was an inspired choice of ingredients. I’m also glad people tend to trust me when it comes to these things. It makes me feel more confident about it too.


for the meringue layers

– 8 egg whites

– 400 g sugar

– pinch of salt

– few drops of lemon juice

for the vanilla mascarpone mousse filling

– 3 egg yolks

– 150 g sugar

– 1/2 vanilla bean or vanilla extract (i strongly insist that vanilla bean is used)

– 250 g mascarpone cheese

– 200 ml heavy cream (Dorna UHT cream 35%)


– 300 g fresh raspberries

– 300 ml heavy cream (Hulala)


The meringue layers take about 60 to 120 minutes to bake depending on size and thickness (more like dry out than bake)

1. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees C or 80 degrees C with ventilation.

2. Place egg whites, salt and lemon juice into a mixing bowl and mix for about 4-5 minutes on medium speed until soft peaks form

3. Gradually add granulated sugar, one tablespoon at a time, when done, increase the mixer speed a tad

4. Keep mixing till stiff peaks form, mine took took about 8-9 minutes

5. Draw two circles (25 cm diameter) on the parchment paper (i used two baking trays)

6. Pour half the meringue down on the  first parchment paper sheet and start spreading it from the middle to the edges shaping it into a circle. Repeat for the remaining meringue. you can use a piping bag to pipe the meringues, or pipe tiny little nests, it’s up to you.

7. Bake the two meringue layers for at least 60 minutes at 100 degrees C. I have a separate thermometer to measure the temperature in my oven in order to make sure it’s accurate. in this case, it’s important that the meringue layers dry out and maintain their white-ish color than browning a bit from the heat.

8. Turn the heat off and leave the meringues to cool off in the oven for at least 1 h (if you can). i left mine overnight. handle wiht care, tehy’re crispy and fragile, will crack easily.

Vanilla mascarpone mousse

1. in bowl set over a pot of boiling water (bain-marie) mix the egg yolks, vanilla bean seeds and sugar till foamy, stir from time to time for 10-15 minutes till they thicken a bit

2. Let cool before using otherwise you risk melting the mascarpone and i don’t know how you can mend that (i’ve never done it, can’t tell you what happens).

3. Use room temperature mascarpone cheese (it’s easier to work with, will be easier to mix) and gently fold it into the egg yolk mixture, don’t over-mix it, you don’t wanna ruin its texture.

4. Whip the whipping cream and fold into the mascarpone-egg yolk cream, also carefully, you want to “aerate” it, make it lighter, not turn into a flabby pudding like thing.

Notice how i didn’t use much sugar, the whipping cream has none in it, mostly because the meringues have waaaaay too much.


1. Whip the remaining cream (hulala)

2. Wash the raspberries carefully not to break them, so they won’t stain your cream after decoration, set on a paper towel to drain/dry

3. What i did for aesthetic purposes only, was to pipe a row of cream on the first meringue layer so that the vanilla mousse would be contained and won’t drip around. it needs to set in the fridge first. lack of time didn’t allow my cake to set much. anywya

4. spread the vanilla cream inside the circle, topped it with the next layer of meringue and piped a bunch of little .. blobs of cream like a sort of spiral. then i spread the raspberries around and dusted them with sugar.

I used the scraps to assemble a cup of goodies for myself. i liked it too and so did the birthday girl ^_^

Now back to romanian


pentru straturile de bezea

– 8 albusuri

– 400 g de zahăr

– Vârf de cuțit de sare

– Cateva picaturi de suc de lamaie

Pentru spuma de mascarpone cu vanilie

– 3 gălbenușuri de ou

– 150 g de zahăr

– 1/2 de pastaiede vanilie sau extract de vanilie (recomand sa folositi pastaie de vanilie)

– 250 g branza mascarpone

– 200 ml smantana (Dorna UHT cremă 35%)

Suplimentar (pentru decorat si echilibrarea gusturilor)

– 300 g zmeură proaspătă

– 300 ml smantana (Hulala)



1. Se incalzeste cuptorul la 100 de grade C.

2. Albușurile de ou cu sarea si sucul de lamaie se mixeaza intr-un bol aproximativ 4-5 minute la viteza medie până se formeaza vârfuri moi

3. Se adaugă treptat zahărul tos, cu o lingura la un moment dat, apoi se crește viteza mixerului cu o treapta doua

4. Continuati sa bateti până la formarea de vârfuri rigide, mie mi-a luat a luat aproximativ 8-9 minute

5. Desenați două cercuri (25 cm diametru) pe hârtie pergament (eu am folosit două tăvi de coacere)

6. Se toarnă jumătate din spuma de albusuri pe prima foaie de hârtie și se răspândeste de la mijloc spre marginile cercului desenat modelandu-l l într-un cerc. Repetați pentru restul de bezea

7. Coaceți cele două straturi de bezea pentru aproximativ 60-120 minute la 100 grade C. Am un termometru separat pentru a măsura temperatura in cuptor meu, cu scopul de a ma asigura că este corectă. în acest caz, este important ca straturile bezea sa se usuce și să isi mențină culoarea nu sa se ingalbeneasca de la caldura

8. dupa 60-120 minute se opreste cuptorul și se lasă bezelele inauntru pentru a se răcori timp de cel puțin 1 oră (daca aveti de ales). Eu le-am lasat peste noapte.  A se lucra cu grija cu ele deoarece se crapa foarte usor

Spuma de mascarpone cu vanilie

1. intr-un vas pus peste o oală cu apă clocotită (bain-marie) se amestecă gălbenușurile de ou, semintele de vanilie si zahărul până devin  o crema spumoasa, si se amestecă din cand în cand timp de 10-15 minute până se ingroasa putin

2. se lasa la racit complet inainte de-a incorpora branza mascarpone altfel riscați topirea branzei si nu am idee cum se mai poate drege.

3. folositi branza mascarpone la temperatura camerei si incorporati-o ușor în amestecul de gălbenuș de ou, cu grija, miscari de sus in jos pentru a nu strica textura branzei

4. incorporati si frisca Dorna mixata in prealabil si eventual tinuta la frigider cu aceeasi grija si miscari ca la mascarpone, aceasta are scopul de-a “aera” crema, nu de-a o fluidiza

Nu am vrut sa folosesc prea mult zahar, frisca nu are deloc in ea, dar compenzeaza bezelele care au oricum prea mult.


1. bateti restul de frisca (Hulala)

2. spalati cu grijă zmeura pentru a nu se rupe si sa pateze crema dupa decorare, lasati-o la uscat/stors pe un prosop de hartie

3. ceea ce am făcut pentru scopuri estetice doar, a fost de a sprita un rând de frisca pe primul strat de bezea, ca un fel de baraj pentru crema de vanilie, sa nu picure cumva pe margini. are nevoie de cateva ore de frigider pentru a se intari pana sa-si mentina forma

4. imprastiati restul de crema de vanilie in interiorul cercului de frisca, acoperiti cu următorul strat de bezea și decorati in voie.

Eu am mai spritat niste motzi peste care am pus zmeura (inspiring, i know:))) si am pudrat tot cu zahar pudra, doar pentru aspect.